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Simon Bradbury
Simon Bradbury
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I have been an estate agent since 1983 and am now a director at Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings where we operate 7 branches across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. We also operate the Fine & Country brand under licence out of our St.Neots office.

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I have over 30 years of industry experience including front line customer contact, management and strategic planning.

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Simon Bradbury

From: Simon Bradbury 14 April 2018 11:12 AM

Simon Bradbury
Thanks for your thought provoking and generally well written article. Respectfully though, I would disagree with much of what you have suggested - particularly your use of the words 'fake agents'. Whilst there are certainly elements of what these agents do that may concern us (relatively) more traditional businesses - they have certainly taught me a lot in terms of how to be more efficient and customer focused. Specifically 3 things ... 1) Continually analyse your cost base and identify the actual costs to your business of each element of your services. This is how 'they' have been able to reduce unnecessary expenditure in certain aspects of their businesses. 2) Focus on what the customer wants - not on what YOU think they want. Booking a valuation appointment on line directly with the estate agent is something that the likes of Purplebricks have offered for some time. A large number of prospective sellers now simply EXPECT to have this facility as they do when booking a restaurant, cinema or even with their doctor. 3) Implementing tried and tested processes is CRITICAL to any business. In order to improve efficiency, having processes that are constantly reviewed and monitored will bring BIG benefits to any estate agent. The so called 'online/call centre/budget' agents can teach us a lot in this respect. Of course, the human interaction factor will always be the single most important element in the whole estate agency sector - and that is something that can be influenced by good management and effective training. This approach is not exclusive to the 'traditional' sector and the 3 lessons that I have outlined are not exclusive to the 'online' sector either. in fact I would contend that we are all now 'Hybrids' and we should embrace that as a fact and use it to our advantage. If 'fake agents' do exist they are not only to be found in the market sector that you have focused on.

From: Simon Bradbury 13 May 2017 09:44 AM

Simon Bradbury
Hi Mark, In my view there is zero chance of Zoopla ever taking instructions directly from the seller - even though it may seem a credible option at first glance. If they were going to do it they would have done it by now in my opinion. This question has been raised by (in my view paranoid) estate agents ever since Zoopla first started years ago and it has never come to anything. There's a clue to their intentions in the following headline from this very publication on September 15th 2015 which outlines Zoopla's position... "Zoopla will never accept private sales and letting listings" ( Pretty clear don't you think?) And the following direct question (from me) received a similarly straight, unambiguous answer from Zoopla boss Alex Chesterman in the subsequent Q&A session in which estate agents were invited to ask anything they wanted... Simon Bradbury: Hi Alex - Are you able to categorically confirm or deny that Zoopla will never accept private listings. I simply can't imagine that it would make financial sense for you, but a number of "conspiracy theorists" think that you might! AC: Indeed our industry appears to enjoy a good conspiracy theory and this is one of the more popular ones. I can categorically state, as I have before, that we never have, do not now, nor have any plans for the future to accept listings from private vendors or landlords. This is not for lack of opportunity as we get many dozens of enquiries daily to accept these…and we point them straight to one of our local member agents. Our business is about connecting property consumers to local professionals and helping agents win more business. Period. Of course Zoopla could be just be telling a downright lie - but I don't think that's very likely do you?

From: Simon Bradbury 08 February 2017 13:49 PM

Simon Bradbury

From: Simon Bradbury 14 September 2016 08:35 AM

Simon Bradbury

From: Simon Bradbury 30 April 2016 11:23 AM

Simon Bradbury

From: Simon Bradbury 30 April 2016 09:25 AM