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Legislation & Compliance

A guide for Money Laundering Officers: Championing AML compliance in your agency

Increasingly rigorous Money Laundering Directives have made regulations in the...

22 November 2021

1573 Reads

Here's everything you need to know about remortgaging

In this tips article, the experts at GoodMove provide expert...

24 February 2021

3475 Reads

Legislation & Compliance
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Marketing & Social Media

6 tips for targeting Generation Z renters

The Victorian phrase “as safe as houses” well surmises the...

09 September 2021

1866 Reads

Lead capture 101 with Moneypenny CMO, Kate Cox

Kate Cox, Moneypenny's chief marketing officer, provides agents with an...

11 November 2020

3063 Reads

Marketing & Social Media
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PropTech & Innovation

Recruitment and staffing – how automation can help reduce the burden

Work patterns and the employee experience have changed dramatically because...

13 January 2022

1419 Reads

The 5 best questions to ask your competitors' vendors (and when to do it)

We know the industry-wide statistic that more than 50% of...

13 May 2021

2326 Reads

PropTech & Innovation
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Recruitment & Business Matters

Guide: How to become a more productive real estate agent

Working in real estate can be incredibly rewarding, but it...

13 July 2021

2125 Reads

Agents – here are five simple tips for job searching

There’s no denying it, job hunting can be hard work...

27 October 2020

2498 Reads

Recruitment & Business Matters
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