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Boomin takes on Rightmove with ad campaign from Boxing Day

Boomin is launching a new ad campaign from Boxing Day, December 26 - the date previously associated with record visits to Rightmove. 

The new campaign - called ‘Get There Before They Do’ - builds on the ‘Good Things Happen’ advertising which marked the portal’s launch in April.

Boomin says its brand awareness is over 55 per cent according to a brand tracking national survey conducted by a company called The Nursery. 


A statement from Boomin this morning says: “At the heart of the new campaign is the proposition that for both agents and customers Boomin gets you ahead of the market with its unique features. Secret Property, Sneak Peak, MatchMaker, ChainMaker and SmartVal are proving to be the only genuinely innovative technology driving material results for agents who are maximising the power of what they can do for them.”

The first TV ad will air on Channel 4 on Boxing Day and the across prime time ad slots over the following months. It will run daily across all major channels including video on demand, YouTube, social media and radio. 

The portal calls the campaign “positive, engaging and informative.”

Phil Lloyd, chief marketing officer at Boomin, says: "We're proud of what we've already achieved with our launch advertising; over 55 per cent of UK adults recognise our brand and that's growing every week. This new campaign is the next step on our journey; simple, humorous and positive. And it focuses on what's the most important component of a tight market with limited stock; Boomin gets you ahead. Creativity is in our DNA as a business; we have so many more exciting initiatives launching soon."

And Boomin founder Michael Bruce adds: “Boomin is making a difference to agents and customers.  We offer considerably more unique features than anyone else in the market, have invested more in technology for agents and our advertising is streets ahead of our peers. 

“We will continue to push ahead in 2022 building on recent innovations including ChainMaker and SmartVal and will be making some exciting announcements early in the New Year on innovative technology that will drive more business and profitability for agents.”

  • martin moston

    very underwhelming website.

  • Simon Bradbury

    Excellent advert!

  • icon
    • S S
    • 21 December 2021 09:33 AM

    55% of all adults , adults in UK approx 57.4 M, so 31.5M recognise the brand!

    Who are you kidding.....

  • icon

    Good advert, made me smile for a change compared to other adverts by OTM, RM & Zoopla. As for leads and contact in 15 minutes a valuation, just not happening, OK when FREE, but not paying for no leads. We will have to see in the new year what impact this has with homeowners and buyers.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Good advert, but advertising and PR has never been a problem for the Bruce brothers when it comes to both PB and Boomin - it's real-life results that has caused a bigger problem. Until we get some actual hard data about how the portal is performing, this just looks like another expensive marketing drive to increase Boomin's profile - which hasn't yet entered the public's consciousness in the way that PB, for all its many troubles and flaws, definitely has.

  • icon

    Christmas Pantomime season, with the lead up to full paying contracts some agents will get tied into paying for the ones that get freebees, is this the last chance saloon for Boomin with an advert for the benefit of the brainwashed agents that may fall for the spin, the public don't care one iota and if they ever look at the site they will be very disapointed to find very few properties.

  • icon

    Great advert! However, we've run a couple of polls recently on portals in our local area. From those that responded less than 13% had heard of it. And only one of those have anything really positive to say about it.

  • icon

    well they do give us a larf (nothing else mind)

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    • N W
    • 21 December 2021 11:12 AM

    Good advert and better than most of the portals normal tripe.

    However, this site is unlikely to go anywhere as not enough traction and not enough trust between the agent (clients) and the owners (Bruce Brothers).

  • icon

    Cant comment on the advert as I have not watched it... but when are they actually going to finish "building" their back of house hub for agents?


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