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Hi Sally, >However, I do not believe that the large amount of negative reviews for Purplebricks posted on AllAgents were all fake, the majority of them were way too detailed about the reasons for the clients dissatisfaction for someone to have made it all up. I don't think even PurpleBricks are claiming they are all fake but if I was to write a fake review I'd definitely try and make it look legitimate and provide lots of detail. >If an estate agent is good then the positive ones will outweigh the negative ones I would agree if those who write positive reviews were motivated enough to visit more than one review site. In the case of PurpleBricks they encourage customers to review on TrustPilot. I think that those writing negative reviews are more likely to post on more than one site and if you follow events like I do you will have seen one customer complaining that her negative review which AllAgents took down was in fact a copy of one she'd left on the TrustPilot site. >Of note, I am aware that every time a negative review is posted on TrustPilot for PurpleBricks they have it removed because they say they do not recognise the client Well that's not strictly true. There are some negative reviews which aren't even verified. Also, what happens is that when PurpleBricks flag a review up as an unrecognised customer then that customer is contacted by TrustPilot. If they come back and verify then the review is reinstated. TrustPilot have come out and said that PurpleBricks flag more positive reviews than negative ones. Also, what a lot of people probably don't realise, is that a large number of reviews will come via a link in an email sent out by PurpleBricks. If PurpleBricks claimed not to recognise the customer for any of these reviews then TrustPilot would see that they were abusing the system. BTW, I'm a PurpleBricks customer and used to work in the Internet Marketing industry.

From: John Lawson 19 October 2017 13:58 PM

John Lawson

From: John Lawson 25 April 2017 14:01 PM