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Update Rightmove listings more promptly, watchdog tells corporate

Connells Group-owned Sequence UK has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority to update Rightmove listings more promptly after properties are sold or withdrawn.

A complaint to the authority noted that after enquiring about a home listed by Sequence on the portal, it had in fact been sold.

“We received a complaint about a property listing on Rightmove. A complainant believed the ad was misleading because they were told the property was no longer on the market” says the authority.


“The advertiser removed the listing and we told them in future to ensure they updated listings as soon as they knew a property was off the market.”

The complaint has been classified by the ASA as informally resolved.

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    Absolutely brilliant. The asa look into the fact that a property is shown as being available when in fact it under offer. So the agent has carried out its primary function and no doubt the vendor is happy. In contrast purplebricks runs yearly campaigns stating that it charges clients no commission, yet every single instruction that is listed a 25% commission is paid directly to the ‘self-employed’ local property expert, but the asa do not see this as a breach. Purplebricks also continue to state they convert over 80% of instructions into sales they produce, a myth perpetuated by their ex-CEO. Maybe it is time that the asa looked into this online agent which has failed to make credible profits, rather than sequence which makes multi-million pound profits year after year because ... it sells property ... which was the starting point for complainant. I sympathise if a buyer sees a plumb property for sale and it turns out to be sold, but with over 600 branches I am sure that from time to time there are lapses.

  • icon

    Why would the ASA see paying an LPE as a breach of the claim they don't charge clients commission?

    Did you ever read the Dodgy London Agents blog. Not sure you can post links so I'll post separately below.

    "So I looked at the 100 agents with the most listings across North London (N1, N4, N5, N7, NW1 and NW3). For each agent I gave myself 1 minute to find an example of a relisted, manipulated or very Old listings. What I found was that 62 out of these 100 agents had engaged in one or more of these practises."

    I think these practices are more widespread than being the odd lapse. I did some research looking at a sample of about 250 listings by a particular Agent and 34 of them had completed within recent months.


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