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Purplebricks increases listings by 44% in the past two weeks

Purplebricks has increased its listings by an eye-opening 44 per cent in the past two weeks according to an updated analysis by The Advisory.

By contrast, High Street agents increased their inventory by 32 per cent during the same period.

Even so, in the consultancy’s just-revised league table of agency performance published yesterday, Purplebricks has lost 0.5 per cent market share of the online sector in the past fortnight thanks to other agencies also increasing their listings inventory.


However, Purplebricks remains overwhelmingly the largest online operator in terms of stock size, and continues to dwarf all others in the online agency world.

Here’s the league table that The Advisory has pulled together for the top 10 online agencies in Britain based on their NEW listings, gathered between January 9 and January 23 2019 and taken from Zoopla:

Purplebricks: 2,731 new listings (giving the agency 71% of the online sector’s listings)

Yopa: 430 (11.2% of online sector)

House Simple: 327

Doorsteps: 134

House Network: 87

Open House: 41

99 Homes: 33

Sellmyhome: 30

Settled: 21

EasyProperty: 13.

You can see the full analysis here.

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    Easy when you over value and tell the clients what they want to hear...


    The pot calling the kettle black.

  • Simon Shinerock

    I would be suspicious of these figures, many properties May have been rested and relisted after the holiday. I sense the online proposition is fading, let’s see what happens


    What's happening to Simon? He used to be a trailblazer?

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    Slow news day?

  • David Robinson

    on the plus side, it's refreshing to see that Russell Quirk didn't get a mention in this piece.

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    Might it be that the great cheap property sell off has started because there is no money left in letting? The next worry will be that few people who need these properties will be able to get mortgages to buy them.


    Latest mortgage news says otherwise

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    They compare 14 day periods so they are comparing against the 14 day period to 9th January. Not surprising there's been a big increase when comparing new instructions.

    Best to do your own research. Compare with the same period last year.


    We all know what your research will reveal. Anything you want it to 😂

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    if the above is correct in terms of the 14 days to 9th Jan its bordering on misleading is it not ??-well.....thats a surprise. Good news for me -I have increased my instructions by 600% over the last 4 days from the previous 4 days.Think I may float my business.......


    Yes, hard to get a true picture from the trade press.


    The only thing you have that floats is your toupee when you're drowning in your own sarcasm

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    Goodness I've done the same 600%increase in 1 week.
    I'm going to float too.
    Misleading to say the least.
    Great PR guy whoever he or she is.

    Grahame Hopper

    I'm only up 500%.

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    The bottom 6 of these are doomed. The others are doomed a bit later

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    Is that a quote from Macbeth?

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    Get off this site Dear.
    Only need positive feedback


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