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Marcus Parkinson
Marcus Parkinson
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Marcus Parkinson
Hi Mark, Fair comments but, Do You always eat in one restaurant Go to one Pub One car dealership for a new car and just one insurance quote and trust it's the best? Goto a shopping centre and visit one shop Holiday in the same place every year via the same package holiday provider? Truth is we all shop around all the time - I even do it for better deals on dog food let alone anything else. So why wouldn't the general public when looking for houses or agents to sell/let them. To a man there cannot be one "genuine" agent that thinks Rightmove has had their back - it is a one way street and agents have been lemmings to the slaughter. no matter where agents go so will the public they are not stupid a property portal without properties is of no use to anyone. I just think Rightmove is the most immoral company that I have dealt with and if agents leave in their droves and save tens of thousand a year at these critical times it may just save there business whilst still offering the same service's via a portal at less than a third of the costs. Trust me those that don't will be on here 12 months from know bleating on about there latest increase and how it's not fair. It's amusing as an ex-rightmove customer watching this same scenario played out annually and literally nothing changes just hot air - well now with the market effectively shut down this is the big chance to switch and save and when the market re-emerges it will become an accepted normal to go to Zoopla / OTM or wherever else they choose to go. But when I read an article saying "Don't kill Rightmove it could be the agents friend" I do start questioning whether the authors insane or it's April the 1st.

From: Marcus Parkinson 22 April 2020 18:00 PM

Marcus Parkinson

From: Marcus Parkinson 17 April 2020 11:52 AM

Marcus Parkinson
Think you may be wrong there Jeremy Corbyn is being lambasted in the Polls and I seriously can't imagine a more limp wristed anti patriotic anti demorcratic leader and as for the SNP with their anti English sentiments who think were mad to leave the EU because of loss of jobs etc etc but their sole purpose for existing is to leave their biggest trading partner (the rest of the UK) breathtaking hypocrisy springs to mind. As for the Lib Dems nothing against them but a bit too wishy washy for my palete there so weak I doubt they could negotiate a good deal at the January sales! I think you will find that the average detached british voter has been waiting decades for a strong leader who does what he says he is going to do and for once implements the will of the people instead of somehow pretending they are these inferior beings who don't know what they are doing and we shall vote again and again until they give us the answers were want - I for one am sick of being patronised by people who have no knowledge of business and real life. ( I mean seriously who enters a negotiation and takes away the right to walk away without a deal - they would be like turkeys at Christmas and the EU would be salivating across the table as they sharpen there knives). Still hopefully when there constituients kick them out after the general election for not helping impose the will of the people send them to my office with there payoffs because with there ...ahem ...acumen for negotiating I should be able to retire 10 years early. Cometh the hour cometh the man.

From: Marcus Parkinson 29 August 2019 12:21 PM

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