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Rightmove launching biggest-ever marketing campaign - no news on fees

Rightmove says it’s to launch its biggest ever national marketing campaign in a bid to kick-start the market once lockdown eases.

The news comes in a 10-point plan from the portal, sent to all of its agent members this morning.

No comment is made in the plan about future fees but commercial director Miles Shipside says: "We recognise that agents will have a difficult period after existing pipelines complete. While we’re only five weeks into our four-month 75 per cent discount, we’re closely monitoring the situation as we're profoundly aware that our customers’ revenue growth is critical to the way we all move forward in these uncertain times ... We’d like to thank all of you that have been speaking to us about your hopes and fears for the market and how we as Rightmove can help you prepare for the future.”


Rightmove says each of the 10 points will be developed further with agents in the coming weeks.

The 10 points are:

- Special Relaunch Email Alerts to over two million home-hunters who have active alerts set up;

- A video strategy to promote leads and make “cost-saving efficiencies in order to cut the number of unsuccessful physical viewings”;

- Re-assuring home movers that viewing is safe - the portal says it’s “working with government to use Rightmove’s unparalleled reach to educate buyers, sellers, and tenants to feel confident”;

- Sharing early local sales demand indicators with agents;

- Faster qualification of tenant leads;

- Detailed analysis of the source of leads that result in a sale or a let;

- An “introductory rate” with external suppliers Moneypenny and Viewber;

- Training for the new normal and social distancing through webinars;

- Biggest ever national marketing campaign “using the strength of our brand and investing in our biggest ever national advertising campaign”;

- And a new property details page which will offer more focus on agents’ brands, photos and video content.


Shipside tells agents: “We’ll play our part in helping you to get the market in your area moving again, and to do that more innovatively and efficiently. More detail on these actions will be published with time for you to take full advantage of them. Many of these actions are inspired by your comments to us, so please keep making suggestions on what will help you most.”

Poll: Does Rightmove's initiative make you feel happier about its fees to agents?


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    If Rightmove doesn't extend the price reduction, it'll be their name on the death note of some of the local agencies

    Marcus Parkinson

    Only if the agents stay with them - their future is in their own hands.
    Zoopla are offering 9 months free Otm fees are probably less than the 25% reduced rate that Rightmove are currently charging. So if agents choose to "have leave of their senses" and trust Rightmove to do the right thing (Blind Faith) then I would suggest the only thing to put on the deathnote would be suicide!!

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    The cost per lead from RM now , compared to the other portals, is appalling and concerning. For the first time in years, I'm seriously questioning whether or not RM is vital to our business. Is it the modern equivalent of where we were with newspaper ads five years ago?

    Taha Dar

    Hi Ian, would you be open to sharing more on the comparative costs per lead for the different portals that you're seeing? This would be very insightful.

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    This is why some organisation that gets data needs to aggregate and give a view.
    Of course all you agents need to buy in.
    It's all emotive until a solid reference

  • edward apostolides

    I think that agents should really vote with their feet now. We all need a profit or we can't exist but it's clear and has been for many years it is 'only' profit that drives rightmove. Ultimately that will be their demise.

  • icon

    So they're using YOUR money (fees paid) to, once again, polarise agents against each other by virtue of them marketing the brand direct to the general public; the end user who pays nothing to use it. Clever, eh?

  • icon

    They just trying to distract from the main fact they are no longer needed, unrivalled reach, we can all use google for that! Parasites on the parasites of parasites!

  • Mark Walmsley

    I think a first rate sales team, led by an inspiring sales director who can redirect customers and clients away from Rightmove with confidence is necessary.

    For as long as consumers see value and trust in "Rightmove" many RM agents will always play the "well they don't even advertise on Rightmove card". If you have a powerful and genuine reason why you don't use Rightmove (i.e a consumer friendly and trusted alternative) then this needs to be at the forefront of your agencies agenda. But it can't be based on cost, it has to be based on what the consumer wants.

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    You do frustrate me sometime Property Pundit by posting and stealing my thunder - I think it is a stroke of the highest level of arrogance and genius to raid the piggy bank that the agents created and use the funds to seek new customers.

    This is a PR disaster - not sure who does Rightmove's PR strategy - maybe they are a secret collaborator of the 'Say No to Rightmove' campaign. Because believe you me - if choice one was listen to your upset clients just complaints, and option two was stick your fingers in your ears - and up the ante by spending cold cash on finding new clients, option one would be a winner.

    You see Rightmove's achilles heel is that it's product is like British Leyland's 1970's Austin Allegro. In that in 2000 Rightmove was a shiny new thing, unseen by the public or the industry. But, in 2020 just as the chunky tin car of British Leyland, the one dimensional portal model is well - much like a second hand car. Users or drivers want the shiny new model of the 2020 period - the one that will endure maybe into the 2040's.

    Forcing agents to drive around in an Austin Allegro - and paying ever more money to do so - when agents can drive a new generation model, which is far cheaper to run and gives more miles per gallon and has phenomenal tech - but more importantly gives a much smoother ride for the fee paying end user the buyer or tenant - is the height of madness.

    My prediction just as video conferencing was a 'thing that some people did' and became a world wide phenomena with millions adopting it in a week, there lurks in some place a much better model than the present Austin Allegro, however much Rightmove tries to cling on to its heritage.

  • icon

    There is quite a simple solution here.

    Instead of the Acorn "Say no to Rightmove" self-indulging movement, why not take a class action to the competition authorities? RM is clearly a monopoly, and is abusing its market power.
    I'm pretty sure that a £50M fine will help them clear their pricing strategy. and I'd personally be very happy to contribute to the legal fees.

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    If Rightmove spend money on advertising, to become the 'go to' place for the public, and the agents are not advertising their client's properties on that portal then the agents will not be representing their clients. In a failing market Rightmove are absolutely correct to advertise widely to stoke up the interest in moving house.
    The crux of the problem is that agents have become lazy, spending years depending on the portals, killing off local newspaper advertising and dislike what they have created,


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