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Fred Jones
Human Being
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Electrically qualified, able to do minor building works, decorating and high quality cleaning.
Degree qualified in biochemistry instrument techology (I know how domestic things work or why they will never work and understand building regulations).
Old enough to know a lot about people, finances and common sense.

my expertise in the industry

Landlord in several areas of the country.

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Fred Jones

From: Fred Jones 13 March 2019 22:51 PM

Fred Jones
I live in a small village near Cambridge (Cambs, CB5). The houses are here are all highly valued but guess who the owners of many of the best houses are? Our local self employed builders of course! Our trained, capable young men will not slave away for pay close to the minimum wage. They learn about property investment, keep in close touch with local agents and so on work on a much higher plane of capability. They probably/usually still work on their own building sites but they do not work for anyone except themselves. If they need specialist labour it comes from their mates who are working for themselves as electricians, plumbers and so on. It is all very incestuous but the result is that when low cost homes are built by a big company they are pretty horrible by the standards of the rest of the village. Even the buyers who have any sense soon spot this and spend their cash on well built houses which of course puts their prices up which is great for our local builders. This is where the use of cheap labour comes in. Skilled foreigners will do what they are asked to do and that can be good or bad work. Unskilled locals will do what they can. Digging trenches and putting up fences come to mind. Fixing guttering is another one. All this goes on under a cloud of endless regulation and know it all politics. I don't have any answers. We need a highly intelligent dictator to sort our mess out but a good first shot would be to tighten up on building quality. Low cost houses can not be cheaply built to get the low cost and make a big profit for an investment company. Look at those old Victorian houses which are still valued as homes. Bringing in foreign house buyers is having the same effect as the NHS using agency staff and, well, foreign staff. A very considerable amount of money is "lost" between the builder building and the occupier moving in. That "lost" money should be being used to build better low cost houses and thus reducing rents/purchase prices as well as well. We need to get investors right out of the building business and let the "doers" in the business do the work for decent money.

From: Fred Jones 08 October 2016 12:10 PM

Fred Jones
I don't want to be off subject too much but when I started working in property I had just left the very high tech science industry. Something about being too old to think straight any more by their standards. Science and academia are riddled with procedural thought, ideas and just plain bitching. A lot of it is to do with gaining some sort of position. As you guys are finding out, the one who can make the best regulation and get them enforced with exams gets the kudos. Never mind those who do not need examining and regulating. Those people are upstarts who must be kept out of the work at all cost. They would undermine the exam and accepted opinion, 'you see'. Of course they do not mean exam. They mean the position the exam gives you. A manager I once worked for said, "Those that can do, do and those that can't teach". Instinctively I always see regulators and procedural experts as trouble. They do not fit my ethos of getting on as best you can. Even looking after property you have to have exams for this and that perhaps except for painting. I can do electric and plumbing. It is so easy compared to building electronic chemistry instruments safely. (I have an electric C&G now so that I can be regulated). I can not give any true answers to what is needed but I will back up what many have said. Use good agents both for property and letting and if you are into leasehold property flats then look for flats that have been built properly and have good block management agents in place. I can confirm that if you get any of that wrong then it will cost you. I never, ever deal with some one who I can not talk to face to face. There are details a portal can never provide. Portals are there to advertise. That is it. Ideally stop there. The skill our whole country needs at present is to get get rid of vast numbers of regulators, examiners and know it alls and give the 'doers' a chance to shine. I would say that if these people have never run a good business in the property industry, in our case, then it is they who should be examined before they are allowed to pontificate to the rest of us. How can we turn that table around? As always there are exceptions to sweeping generalisations. Greatness is spotting them and allowing them to flourish. Unfortunately spotting greatness never come into any exam syllabus that I have ever heard of.

From: Fred Jones 18 June 2016 10:57 AM

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