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Agency claims PurpleBricks still showing "word for word" copied details

There appears to have been no public action taken so far by online agency PurpleBricks in response to the claim that it copied some property details “word for word” from a rival agency, EweMove. 

Over a week ago Estate Agent Today reported that EweMove chief Glenn Ackroyd had posted a video blog on his agency’s website claiming that PurpleBricks has copied a property description of a house “word for word” from one of his firm’s listings. 

Ackroyd, in his video blog, went on to describe this as “a naughty breach of copyright” and explained that “their [PurpleBricks] house was marketed for £230,000 ... Ours sold for £260,000. The highest price on this development. So whilst the low cost ‘pay whether we sell or not’ fee may appear cheaper, our seller is around £27,000 better off after our fee”.

On November 2 a PurpleBricks spokesman told Estate Agent Today that one of its area directors was looking into the matter; in a new statement to EAT, issued on Monday evening, it appears that the process is still ongoing more than a week later. 

PurpleBricks’ statement reads: “Our local property experts are trained to uphold the highest standards and deliver outstanding service at all times. If allegations are made that are contrary to this, we take it very seriously and investigate. We are currently looking into the specific claims made and we shall be addressing this internally.”

However, EweMove’s Ackroyd claims: “No response from them at all. And no action taken by them in respect of the breach. The property listing, including the breach of copyright text still remains.”

  • Dee London

    We have even had other Agents who were marketing the same property steal photos! Suddenly they popped up on Rightmove right next to our own Ad. Perhaps the Agent did not realise we instructed and paid a Photographer to take professional shots but there's no excuse, however some people have no scruple!

  • icon

    What a poor show - it seems like this happens quite frequently. Did you get them to take them down?

  • Algarve  Investor

    Yes, this clearly needs to be policed better. How that is done might be a little more problematic. These agencies who are stealing photos and words need to have a long, hard look at themselves and realise what they're doing. As Dee London says, it's totally unscrupulous behaviour. And totally unnecessary.


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