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Funniest Photoshop Requests from 2018

09 January 2019 3856 Views
Funniest Photoshop Requests from 2018

How do you remove an estate agent from an oven?

How would you remove an Estate Agent from an oven? Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but for Doctor Photo this is something they’re asked to do every day and the requests can seem even more bizarre if you read them out of context!

The award-winning digital studio enhances thousands of images for estate agents every month. They’re often asked to remove reflections from shiny oven doors, reduce clutter or take out unsightly objects and pets, just like this but on the odd occasion, some of these requests could make anyone reading them do a double-take.

Tom Durrant: “Along the way, we’ve been saving some of the requests from clients and vendors alike that have made us chuckle and raised some eyebrows! We thought it would be fun to share some to bring in the New Year, together with what we thought when we read them!”

10. Customer Request: "Please remove dog's bottom"

Not sure what the dog would think about that!

9. Customer Request: “Take out car door in bedroom”

Workshops must be at a premium in their town…

8. Customer Request: “Please can you brighten up and move a little nearer”

I’m happier than I look, and where would you like me to stand?

7. Customer Request: “Can we have a day to duck one please”

(They meant, day to dusk)

I’m not sure a mallard will help sell this property

6. Customer Request: “Please remove the stool from the bottom”

I’ll need some latex gloves for that

5. Customer Request: "Remove the short fat bald estate agent in the reflection"

Colleagues can be so cruel!

4. Customer Request: "Please can you remove the photographer from the oven."

How did he get in there? And have you called the fire brigade?

3. Customer Request: “Remove dead-bird from the driveway”

You’re meant to shoot with your camera, not your shotgun!

2. Customer Request: “Remove stains from the bed without throwing up”

I don’t even want to know what that is and frankly, I need a lie down… but not on that bed

And the winner is…..!

  1. Customer Request: “Can you soil the garden”

That’s taking eco-living a little too far and our mileage costs would be prohibitively high.

Tom Added, “We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of these requests, as you can imagine, with our full range of services there’s loads of potential to get the wrong end of the stick. Luckily we know what we’re doing and we love it.”

Doctor Photo recently won the EA Masters Supplier of the Year (small) and are excited to be launching their new web platform in the New Year.

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