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Why estate agents need to instantly respond to every new enquiry 24/7

With rising mortgage rates and the cost of living expected to be the biggest cause of a slowdown in the housing market, fewer people can afford to stretch themselves to purchase a new home. With this hesitation impacting the market, there has never been a more urgent time for estate agencies to instantly respond to every new customer enquiry, or they risk losing that seller or buyer to another agent or agency.

The impact of digitalisation

Digital technology has profoundly changed the estate agency sector. It has enhanced the house-purchasing experience, while boosting operating efficiency for estate agents, such as virtual tours and tailored services. People now have 24-hour access to the market using different methods and modes of communication, such as emails, social media and the internet, to enable them to search new property listings or receive an update on their sale or purchase. This, however, has had a knock-on effect for estate agents who are now having to be accessible and work longer hours outside of the normal nine to five, and even weekends, to respond to customer enquiries.


Every enquiry counts

Many estate agents work on a commission-based system where their income increases as they make more sales, so missing an enquiry and would-be potential buyer or seller could mean a loss of thousands of pounds. According to a BT survey, for the average business in the UK, the cost of missing a call is £1,200. While this number will vary depending on your services, no estate agent can afford to lose out on that kind of money during these uncertain economic times. In an industry where word of mouth and an impeccable customer experience are key, it is essential that agents field all incoming calls to ensure they capture them 24/7. If you don’t have the resources in-house, a telephone answering service will ensure every new enquiry is captured.

Speed is of the essence

Speed and consistency of response to enquiries are critical elements of any successful estate agency, whether that means responding to a voicemail, email or post on social media. A lead response time can mean the difference between closing a sale or losing one, so having an effective lead-capturing system in place will ensure that no lead slips through the cracks. It goes without saying that if someone is interested in buying a home and wants to view it immediately but can’t reach the agent, they are likely to view another house with another agent who is readily available. Leads are the foundation of every estate agency business, so without any, it means no customers, no sales, no profits and no growth.

Web chat – a key tool for any business

For many property buyers, their buying journey begins online, which means estate agencies need to have a strong online presence and the capability to chat to customers in real time with a real person. Having web chat on your website is now a necessity and the best way to support potential customers. The technology enables you to engage with every visitor who lands on your site and start conversations. A website without web chat is the same as having an agency without any agents – it just wouldn’t happen. Web chat is now playing an increasingly critical role in generating new business for estate agents who are determined to offer greater levels of customer service, increase sales and build their brand in a highly competitive market.

Missed opportunities can be costly for estate agents, so it’s little surprise that many are now embracing invaluable tools and services such as web chat and telephone answering as a primary method of communicating with their customers and receiving new business leads. This allows them

to reply at a much quicker rate, which not only prevents a loss of revenue but improves the level of customer service provided.


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