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Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill
Managing Director
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Leicester's Leading Online Letting Agent. On your doorstep throughout the East Midlands.

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Andrew Hill

From: Andrew Hill 21 February 2019 12:09 PM

Andrew Hill
We're starting to offer short term letting services to landlords who decide longer term tenants simply aren't worth the headache the government is causing. Selective licencing, tenant fee ban, increased compliance fees... Money has to come from somewhere, we don't think it's fair to force landlords to pay for both sides of the coin when we provide a flawless service to tenants... This will change the moment they stop paying as we do the bare minimum to adhere to our obligations to the tenant as an agent. We joined this industry hoping to be able to put tenants first but clearly, the government has other ideas. As it stands, when Bristol landlords ask me how they are to cover the selective licensing fee of £1660, I'm going to advise them to pop an extra £100 on the rent. Most won't be able to afford it but that's the local authorities problem who forced them to be priced out of the market. In Nottingham, our landlord clients have already begun increasing rents to cover the cost of selective licensing fees (£600). Its great though, it means more profit for us and our landlords, £60 a month will pay for Nottingham's licencing fee within 10months. Every month a tenant pays the extra £60 beyond the tenth month is pure profit for the landlord and an extra £6 for us in management commission. It's a shame about the tenants' finances though, but as we can see, the government is really happy forcing tenants into social housing that hasn't yet been built as they force rents to soar.

From: Andrew Hill 24 February 2018 09:59 AM

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