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Agent escapes prison after 'glassing' man who rejected her advances

An estate agent who ‘glassed’ a man who rejected her advances in a pub has escaped a prison sentence.

Sarah Brown, 27, from Neath, is reported to have hit her 20-year-old victim twice when he turned his back after she had tried to get his attention by pulling his jumper. 

A court in south Wales heard that Brown’s victim had turned away from her and then felt two blows to the head before wine and blood trickled down his back. 


Prosecutor Ashanti-Jade Walton told the court the victim suffered a wound to the side of his head that needed stitches, while the victim’s official statement claimed he had difficulty sleeping because of flashbacks from the incident. 

Brown - who is reported to have had a caution for battery dating from 2014. 

Defending her, John Hipkin told the court: “She has no explanation for what happened other than the alcohol. She recognises she has issues with alcohol and anger management that now need to be addressed.”

Brown pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and to possessing an offensive weapon in the form of the glass.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and was ordered to complete a rehabilitation course focusing on her alcohol and anger issues, and to do 240 hours of unpaid work; she must also pay £2,000 to her victim by way of compensation.

Brown was told by the judge that had the ‘glassing’ been to the victim’s face, rather than the back of his head, she would have definitely gone to prison.

You can see the local press report of the incident and court case here.


  • Andrew Hill

    Absolute joke. I wonder if a man glassed her for the same reasons if he'd be allowed to walk the streets...

    Yet the ASA harp on about "dangerous gender stereotypes"? Dangerous stereotype: Women are harmless and innocent even when they glass a man because he said no to her... If a man glassed a woman because they refused to go home with them... Well, it just shows how outdated the justice system is.


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