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So they are basically taking the same approach as they did with PB and will end up exiting with millions leaving shareholders/investors with a dead duck. Nice one. The only thing this pair are good at is spin doctor marketing. More fool Foxtons and Channel 4. The bigger fools though are the ar*e licker followers clinging to their coat tails hoping to piggyback on any success they might have (all their secret handshaker pals, you know who you are). Its basically emporers new clothes syndrome. The valuation tool I believe is EATs? so guess thats why they keep promoting boomin on here. People that have tried it said it was pointless as if they wanted a general idea of what their property was worth there is a faster way to do it on the other portals and elsewhere without all the gimmicky timer things. Plus they also said they wouldn't believe a remote valuation like that as the agent will not have even seen their property. I cannot see anything that would make us want to pay them 3-400 a month. Even if I could, I wouldn't join it because they are involved. So now we know it has been Foxtons and Channel 4 funding their 200+ staff. They are just creating a whole load of marketing hype in a desparate bid to get agents signed up. The hype isn't working though as the public simply don't get it and their ads are damp squids. Ask any member of your own circle and bet you get same reply as we did. Basically asking what is the point when the other portals already offer all of this. Additionally, if anyone seriously believes their agents together was anything but a sweetner, or believes any of the other nonsense they spout to appear humble then more fool you. Go spend your money on their thing whilst the rest of os focus on better more genuine offerings out there.

From: Ben J 31 March 2022 13:50 PM

Ben J

From: Ben J 12 October 2020 14:13 PM

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