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Top Ten! Boomin portal reveals high profile founding agencies

The new Boomin portal being launched shortly has named 10 high profile agency chains as founding members.

The 10 give the new portal hundreds of branches before it even breaks cover.

In a statement released this morning Boomin describes the 10 as “some of the most respected, forward thinking and award winning estate agencies up and down the country.”


They are all large and well known independents who have chosen to be founding members and will thus be closely identified with however well - or otherwise - Boomin fares. 

They are:

- Foxtons

- Chancellors 

- Andrews

- Century 21

- Hunters

- McEwan Fraser 

- Dacre, Son & Hartley 

- Ryder & Dutton 

- Miller Metcalfe 

- Mishon Mackay

The announcement of the agencies still keeps the industry guessing about a lot of what Boomin will have to offer.

Today’s statement says: “The new portal, which has been over two years in the making, promises to be more than just another listing site. New features will open up the market, raising interest and engagement from a wider audience through the provision of deeper real time information and increased agent connectivity. Boomin will surprise, excite and engage in ways that will keep people coming back time and time again.”

However, there are plenty of new details about membership.

Agents who sign-up now qualify for Founder Member status, which the portal says brings benefits including a free equity share allocation and use of the platform until January 2022 at no cost and obligation, whilst earning new and recurring revenues. 

“These pioneers, who want to be at the forefront of the next generation of property portal, will become the go-to agents in their area for the unique features offered by Boomin. Introducing consumers to the power of our proposition in research and testing across the whole of the UK has shown without doubt that Boomin will be an instruction winner” the statement continues.

Michael Bruce, the former founder of Purplebricks and now executive chairman of Boomin, says: “The response to our daily webinars has been overwhelmingly positive with more agents signing up every day to our new and innovative portal for the home.

“Boomin harnesses the latest technology to facilitate a greater number of property transactions, provide new services centred on the broader home and even during the free period that runs through the whole of 2021 offers agents new revenue generating opportunities. 

“The early endorsement by many of the leading and most respected agencies in the country highlights the strength of the proposition and confidence in the entire team to build Boomin into a household brand, backed up by an impactful multi-million pound marketing campaign.”

Boomin’s leadership team, led by Michael and Kenny Bruce, continue to host live daily webinars in a bid to sign up agents.

  • Mark Walmsley

    Why no comments? Confusion or nonchalance?

  • Charlie Lamdin

    The Bruces are probably the only people who will siphon even more value out of agents and the public than RM.


    This new Mr nice guys, caring, charitable, agents friend and the rest doesn't wash.
    They have seen an opportunity and gone for it. Once the honeymoon period is over it will be RM2 on steroids. Why are these agents supporting them? Why don't they get behing OTM and the new challengers? If we want proper change for the better then we need to back the new blood coming through and not the bad blood. Once bitten and all, talking of which, a bit like a mosquito feeding off the unsuspecting agents. We will never learn

  • martin moston

    Boomin describes the 10 as “some of the most respected, forward thinking and award winning estate agencies up and down the country.” of course they would say that...... are they also mad ?

  • Murray Lee

    They have also got the support of The SayNoToRightmove campaign founders and many other local independents to my area including my original 4 colleagues who initially got together in our efforts to deal with RM. All 4 of us have left (or are leaving) RM . I am sure more and more will follow once the invoices start dropping through the letterbox especially now a lot of teh London and Greater London area are in Tier 2....with worse to come? I know our bank account is thanking me


    Failed to scratch the surface in any attempt to deal with RM, living in hope if you think Blooming is the answer when its not off the ground yet. AND have you all set aside the other challengers Homestarch, One dom, etc, all very keen to shout from the rooftops about them and now kicked into the long grass. WHAT NEXT defeat and Rightmove win again!

    Murray Lee

    No Hitman, not kicked anyone into long grass (and If I did you would lose me in their to!) We are still listing with any that offer their services. We are in constant touch with OneDome Homesearch (yesterday), Open Brix (yesterday), Rummage4 (today), Wiggywam (last week) Moovshack and many others Sadly some have not reached the position where they have attracted enough interest/traffic to bring many leads. Much can be said the same of OTM currently too. Again, I can only also repeat the we saved loads of fees with RM and Z (and on going with them) over the period and yet to see any drastic downturn in our business. However the new lockdown may have its own effects! The fact that the campaign is still being discussed, the lockdown and the winter 1/4 lets see where everyones money is in the spring? I

  • Algarve  Investor

    Some impressive names there, it has to be said. But I will remain very sceptical until some concrete info is released on how the portal will actually work in practice.

    A lot of hot air and hype at the moment, but little substance.


    Don't doubt they will deliver something good. But given what they did it goes against the grain to support them. I just see greed and more greed.

  • Roger  Mellie

    They'll have to throw some serious cash at this to make it work. If it does, then great for agents and probably bad news for OTM.


    When they 'throw some serious cash at this', who do you think will end up funding it?

    Colin Bain

    I think they have serious cash though !!!

  • icon

    I can't stand Rightmove, they are rip off merchants, But they are a necessary evil. we we came out of Rightmove we had so many sellers on the phone to us we had no choice bit to join again very frustrating

    • 16 October 2020 16:10 PM

    Well let me assure you that providing you are on Zoopla or RM that suffices.
    OTM maybe.
    You would have to be braindead to not realise Zoopla is a worthy competitor to RM


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