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Angels Media boss named among top UK property influencers

Nat Daniels, chief executive of Estate Agent Today publisher Angels Media, has been named as a top UK property influencer.

Daniels was named in a high-profile list compiled by digital property marketing and design company Art Division.

The company said: “Key social media influencers in the property industry are more about unpicking the complex phenomena that impact on the housing market; helping home movers make informed decisions and estate agents position their businesses for maximum growth.”

The entry for Daniels said: "Nat is one the biggest names in UK Estate Agency. He is known for his work at ValPal, Landlords Today and EA Today.

“Nat is a thought leader with excellent communication and problem solving ability, with a natural hunter mentality.”

He was named on a list of 23 property professionals including well-known TV presenters are property gurus Sarah Beeny, Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer.

Agency professionals are also well represented on the list, including Fine & Country founder Jon Cooke, Viewber’s Ed Mead, Kerfuffle’s Simon Whale and Sarah Edmundson on Agents Together.

Other recognisable industry names include Paul Shamplina, Christopher Watkin, Michael Day, Vanessa Warwick and Henry Pryor.

You can view the full list here.

  • icon

    Who are any of these people?
    How many houses have they ever sold?
    WTF is an influencer

  • Nat Daniels

    Totally agree! Who ARE these people??
    What have THEY even done?
    I've sold a few I guess, arranged a few mortgages, genrate a few seller and landlord leads for a few agents here and there. I recognise one or two on the list. Christine Watkin and Harold Proyor, they defo need to up their social game. Never even heard of John Cox.

    For me, I really wanted to educate and inform, and tryto bring news to the masses - failed on that too! I'm even trying to sort out the portal landscape. Probably mess that up too.
    Glad you're reading this and we've got a platform to express our own views, that's what its about, right?
    Anyway, back to the boring old grind.
    Give me a shout Janet and we can put the world to rights!

  • James Dearsley

    Having been in a few now, they are all complete rubbish and basic clickbait - remember this is a digital marketing firm that is publishing it all. Best to ignore.

    Generally, it is all working out algorithmically based on social media activity which means nothing literally.

    Anyhow, onwards. Keep up the good work Nat. Keep influencing (!)

  • icon

    Never heard of any of these people
    They have not influenced anything
    Anyone who calls themselves an influencer is by definition a buffoon with an overinflated opinion pf their own importance

    Nat Daniels

    I agree. I didn't call myself it, and have not heard of me either!

    Algarve  Investor

    Surprise surprise, you didn't read the article. None of the people involved called themselves influencers, so your rant is directed at the wrong target.


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