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Nat Daniels
Nat Daniels
Chief Executive Officer at Angels Media
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About Me

Founder and publisher of this site as well as www.angelsmedia.co.uk, a digital marketing business in the space. We have some cool stuff for agents and can help any business raise their profile in this space. Looking forward to connecting :-)

my expertise in the industry

27 years this year in all things property so I'm properly a property person now.

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Nat Daniels
Great article James. Very proud to have one of the worlds leading PropTech commentators appearing here. I too am frustrated beyond belief. I don’t normally comment (on my own website here!) but had to agree. I launched this site 10 years ago and have seen others imitate (flattered yes, but it's not innovation). More importantly agents are coming into a whole new world right now, with many challenges ahead. They need to look forward and not be so closed minded. Whilst this may seem like a plug it's not – When I launched ValPal, agents were like…’yeah but we are the valuer, not a damn robot’ … Until the penny dropped that I was just using it as a lead magnet (yep that's a w@nky marketing term you and I know so well) to generate leads and put them (agents) in MORE front rooms than their competitors, that’s when ValPal took off, and now our agents share on more than 50,000 vendor leads pm. If a lead is out of area, (OOA) it goes to the nearest agent, thus our agents share and all get more leads. Now this is innovation I couldn’t do thus until I had got agents on board (now 4000+ branches) to work together. They didn't know they were going to do this but now they get it. So what am I gonna do next…I know and I have some great ideas that are in build in the ‘Angels secret lab’, and we have an awesome team working on them. But… What I've experienced is people copying ValPal with this that or the other ‘Val’ and simply under cutting price, that’s not innovation. You can’t run a decent business and invest into the future of online marketing by just take a few quid from an agent who ‘thinks’ he is getting a deal. It won’t work and never will and as such is a false economy for the agent. One of the hardest things when you are trying to effect change is to get everyone on-board. If any val tool is to work, you need to drive traffic to it. If you don't have traffic it won’t work. And if you don't have traffic, that not my fault, that’s yours. Use FB ad’s. What we are about to do will see agents receiving commission cheques from US! It's new, agents won’t get it and they won’t like it, just like they didn't with ValPal. But I will leave you with this … The Online Valuation tool is now a mainstream product, you look ‘so last year’ if you don't now have one! Agents: Get on-board and embrace the innovators who are pushing change. nat@angelsmedia.co.uk

From: Nat Daniels 22 August 2018 12:11 PM

Nat Daniels

From: Nat Daniels 08 June 2015 16:23 PM

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