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Boomin claims large uptick in usage since Christmas

The Bruce brothers’ new portal Boomin has given its first statistics regarding usage following the launch of a new marketing campaign on Boxing Day. 

It says site traffic has increased by over 50 per cent - without specifying any absolute numbers of visits -  and it claims the time spent on site has seen a rise of 45 per cent. 

Its valuation service has seen 20,200 ‘SmartVals’ sent from vendors and landlords to agents since Boxing Day, with the run-rate doubling over the period. Weekends also drive high demand from homeowners with 1,797 on Saturday alone. 


Demand for SmartVals has been nationwide with the top regions being London, South East, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Doncaster, Wiltshire, Liverpool, Wakefield, Cheshire East and areas of Scotland. 

The portal says that the step-up in SmartVal requests over the festive period is driving more business for agents. 

In the first week of January alone bookings for appraisals and viewings made through the platform were already greater than the total for the whole month of December. The new year so far has seen a 51 per cent average increase of in-home valuations booked for agents - again without the portal giving the base figure that percentage is based on.

In terms of its different features, Boomin says that since launching in November 2021 its ChainMaker feature has generated over 6,140 ‘hot buyers’ - a statement from the portal says this element of the website say over 2,420 buyer registrations “in a matter of days.”

Boomin founder Michael Bruce says: “Everything Boomin does, all of its innovations and unique features, are solely about creating new business opportunities for agents and drawing more customers into the property market. We are not and will never be a classifieds listings portal; that is yesterday’s model.

"There is a huge amount still to do in terms of building out our strategy, optimising features, enhancing experience, growing agent numbers and increasing customer awareness and site usage. 

“We are never complacent about keeping ahead of the game and will be doubling our efforts through 2022 but by any standards we have achieved a huge amount in our first nine months. We will continue to invest in genuine innovation that drives profitable business for agents without asking them to pay more for so-called traffic increases that are neither unique nor do anything to help grow transaction volumes.”   

*SmartVal is powered in part by The ValPal Network’s valuation tool, owned by Angels Media, publisher of Estate Agent Today.

  • icon

    9½ months on from a delayed launch, is this still a 'new' portal?

  • Algarve  Investor

    No base or absolute numbers seems strange - gives the impression that they're not that impressive, does it not? Why not announce them otherwise, as the other portals generally do?

  • icon

    Now 3, was 2...50% increase. Pointless report and poor reporting. Surely to report something you would check the data?

  • icon

    Why not tell us what your site traffic stats are Michael? You preach transparency and a better deal for agents so Ok then release your website numbers please. How many visitors are you getting on average per day/week/month. That should be the only thing in your next release not PR bluff to try to pull the wool over agents eyes talking about smartval lead numbers to try to change the subject.

  • Matthew Fine

    You can check out the traffic of any web site online, just did this for Boomin, oh dear me!!!

  • icon

    50% increase so that means 10 members of the public have now looked at it. Sounds like the Chicken has ran through the Chicken soup...


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