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Boomin’s “game changing” SmartVal - more details given to agents

Boomin has given its member agents more details of its new valuation tool being launched next month.

Called SmartVal, it is described by Boomin as being more accurate than the slew of other valuation tools available because it uses a blend of technology, data and human input in the shape of an agent adding local knowledge to create a tailored valuation.

The service - free to member agents from August - will be complemented by a marketing campaign in the early autumn which the portal says will help drive instructions to its agents.


The correspondence sent to member agents yesterday - which Estate Agent Today has seen - says that with SmartVal, customers can request the most accurate real time online valuation of their home – from real agents – delivered in just 15 minutes. 

“Engage directly with every seller requesting a SmartVal, so they can bypass inaccurate digital estimates which are based on historical data without any agent input at all” it says.

And the correspondence sets out four stages:

1 A customer requests a SmartVal - They enter property details (type, number and condition of rooms plus photos) and choose up to three agents who are online.

2 The clock starts ticking! - Chosen agents have five minutes to accept a SmartVal request. The customer can see everything as it happens. Agents then have 15 minutes to deliver the valuation.

3 Agents work their magic - Agents receive property details, photos and Boomin data including sold prices, comparable live listings and a demand summary showing recent searches matching the property.

4 The SmartVal is submitted - The agent enters a minimum, maximum and suggested market price and the customer is notified when the SmartVal is submitted. Contact details are then exchanged to enable a follow-up.

The correspondence goes on to tell member agents that their account manager will shortly provide then with details on how to get set up.

There’s also a video for agents - which you can see below.

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    Heaven forbid agents should actually be able to value without the need for an algorithm telling them the answer.

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    • N W
    • 28 July 2021 09:22 AM

    heaven forbid that agents are busy and cant respond in 15 minutes as they are actually out at a genuine and real valuation......

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    Starting to Look more like a online estate agent, be afraid Be very afraid ,

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    No pressure then and, remember, the potential vendor is watching you fail to acknowledge their request in real time.

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    This is the answer to the question no one asked. Absolute nonsense idea.

    Once again, be cautious with this lot, don't forget their past (which is usually the best indicator of the future).


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