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Life Without Rightmove - potential leavers to get marketing advice

The Say No To Rightmove campaign is to hold a seminar for agents who have already left the portal or are contemplating quitting it, as the campaign for fairer fees continues apace.

Industry trainer and consultant Iain White - a former director at Romans and Countrywide - will be joining campaign leader Rob Sargent for what SNTR calls “an informative and thought-provoking webinar.”

Sargent has led London & Kent estate agency group Acorn since the mid 1980s, taking the company from a single office to a multi-brand group employing over 400 people in nearly 40 locations throughout London and Kent. He says he pays Rightmove approaching £500,000 a year in fees.


The webinar is taking place on June 3 at 11am, and is free for agents.

“It will focus on strategy and how to deal with challenges from competitors to agents who have already left Rightmove or are preparing to do so” says the campaign.

You can register for the webinar here.

The multi-agency Experts In Property group, a loose affiliation organisation of 80 branches based in the south west of England, is the latest body to support the Say No To Rightmove campaign.   

Steve Moir, convenor of Experts In Property, says Rightmove refused to negotiate with his group.

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    When you leave RM it can appear a daunting prospect in the run up to your final days. " How do we replace the enquiries?" "What will our clients think?" and "How will our competitors use it against us?" There are no easy answers but if you, as we did, have analysed your data on RM enquiries you will know that you're doing the right. Is RM a financially viable tool in these uncertain times? Could the £0000's you spend with them be betrter utilised? And as one of our clients put it "If RM went bust tomorrow, would it stop people buying houses? Of course not!"
    Leaving RM is life-affirming. It shows you know your business and what makes it tick. Good luck to any agent leaving RM. It's challenging but so worthwhile.


    And comfort will come in the numbers leaving who all feel like you - a noose round your neck, weight around your ankle, all released. The trickle is turning to a deluge.

  • Wynne Davies

    We left Rightmove a while ago and we are doing well .. we receive sales leads from Onthemarket and Zoopla. At fist you might think your going to be worse off , but believe me know one should put up with the non existent customer service, over pricing and a very bad culture in take it or leave it attitude towards their customers..Don't forget we as agents hold the stock that these portals need to have a business in the first place. People looking for a property will go to every corner of the internet to find that perfect home. And they will find your property sales not listed on Rightmove. Don't delay your decision any longer .. just leave the portal and move on , as the more that leave the more of the public will search other portals


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