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Survey shows website reviews are key for driving online agent leads

A survey of over 2,000 sellers who used online agency eMoov reveals that review websites were the overwhelmingly largest driver of business to the firm.

eMoov says its survey shows 29 per cent of successful vendors had heard of the agency from a friend or family member but an overwhelming 78 per cent checked a third party review site like TrustPilot or AllAgents before signing up. 

“This demonstrates that people rely on review sites during their estate agent search through the plethora of available options” says a statement from eMoov.


When asked about other high value purchase decisions, 62 per cent of respondents said they trusted friends’ recommendations while 58 per cent trusted a review site.

“Not only does it show that the high-street agents window is an extinct market medium, but it also highlighted that customer service isn't just a box to tick, it can also be a cost effective means of customer acquisition” says the agency statement.

“Some of our competitors are realising that no matter how much money they throw at marketing, if your reviews are poor, potential clients won’t be persuaded to transact” says eMoov chief executive and founder Russell Quirk.

Last week we reported that social media expert Peter Watson was warning agents that they ignored poor online reviews at their peril. He claimed research showed 50 per cent of people were now routinely reading business reviews - up from 33 per cent two years ago. 

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    And just who are the 50% who don't read reviews - considering Google serves them in every search? The question agents are faced with is just who to use? It;s highlighted in this article: http://www.helphound.info/2017/03/never-commit-to-single-review-solution.html

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    Over 2,000 sellers have used eMoov? That seems like the most interesting finding of this survey to me ;)


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