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Women may be better agents than men claims industry guru Rawlings

Women may make better estate agents than men even though males dominate the sales sector, explains one of the industry’s most respected training experts, Richard Rawlings.

He says that when he enters a training room to spend a day with agent, he always notes the male/female ratio - and adds that many firms are almost 100 per cent men on the sales side. On the lettings side, many are almost 100 per cent female.

“But if it’s an open session with multiple companies represented then it’s usually 80 per cent men. This simply does not make any sense to me. In the USA, 69 per cent of realtors are women, and for good reason” he writes.

In an article for Estate Agent Today’s features section, marking the recent Dads4Daughters Day, Rawlings says that has can identify a series of reasons why women can actually make better estate agents than men. 

These include empathy, where woman generally have a higher emotional intelligence than men - a factor that can tip the balance when it comes to winning instructions.

Women are also better at multi-tasking, superior at looking at long-term consequences, and excel at building relationships - the latter point being one part of agency business that can neither be outsourced nor replaced with a digital alternative.

Then there is trust. “There are 22 times more men than women in prison. Perhaps it would not be unreasonable to suggest therefore that women are less likely to rip you off and are naturally more trustworthy” claims Rawlings, founder of Estate Agency Insight and Agent Centric.

In the second half of the article - which you can read in full here - Rawlings says agency chiefs could make a series of commitments including equal pay and ‘gender blind’ approaches to appointments, which would help give greater male/female balance to sales teams. 


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