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allAgents reinstates most of its disputed Purplebricks reviews

allAgents has today reinstated Purplebricks’ reviews on its site - this includes the majority of the negative reviews which have been the subject of a lengthy disagreement between the site and the agency.

allAgents says it has also reinforced the process for the posting of Purplebricks’ five-star reviews, after 50 per cent of the reviewers failed to respond to allAgents’ checks.

allAgents has been involved in a long-running dispute with Purplebricks over the validity of the large number of negative reviews posted on the allAgents site, with Purplebricks allegedly threatening legal action against the Glasgow-based review firm.


allAgents originally suspended the Purplebricks review profile pages from its site in September, in case of possible litigation.

Its crowdfunding campaign to raise money to cover the cost of any litigation fell around 10 per cent short of its £50,000 target.

Purplebricks has repeatedly questioned 26 negative reviews about the company on the allAgents site, claiming they were fake.

allAgents now says it has re-contacted all the Purplebricks reviewers, and of the 26 negative reviews Purplebricks claimed were fake, allAgents says it has been unable to verify only three.  

It also says three other genuine reviewers “regrettably asked their post be taken down”. Some 18 will be going live, together with the rest of the undisputed reviews.

allAgents’ Martin McKenzie says: “‘We stand behind the reviews, which have been proven to have been written in good faith. ‘Fakegate’ has been shown to be just what it always was  - the bully-boy tactics of a company unwilling to deal with the concerns of genuine customers.

“Our re-instatement of Purplebricks’ review profile and the disputed reviews has shown how solid our process is, and we sincerely hope Purplebricks will accept this and not threaten further legal action. We were unable to verify just three of the reviews, not surprising as some of them were two years old and three genuine reviewers have asked for their post to be taken down. A number of reviewers were very angry at having their authenticity questioned and we have decided to add their additional comments to the site.”

allAgents says it is also tightening the process of posting five star reviews, after 50 per cent of the reviewers failed to respond to their checks.

“From now on we will only be accepting five star reviews from vendors who have either sold their property or withdrawn from the agreement with Purplebricks. We will continue not to allow duplicate postings by the same client for the same transaction. This will give a more complete picture of Purplebricks’ service, as customers may feel very different at the end of the process, than they do at the pre-sales stage. This will also eradicate the possibility of fake five star reviews” McKenzie says.

You can see the reinstated reviews here.

  • John Evans

    Someone once told me if he put his property on with PBricks they would tie up the one he wants to buy through them and tell the other client he was a cash buyer with nothing to sell. I said they may do the same to you, he agreed. Disgusting.

  • icon

    Is that genuine or fake?

  • John Evans

    100% genuine

  • Welsh  Cynic

    Let us see what reviews are now received. I am sure that AllAgents will take the trouble to verify their veracity. Can reviewers be asked at what point in the instruction or sale, Purple Bricks requested a testimonial? and was there any incentive offered?

  • Paul Singleton

    Well done AllAgents! I think the reviews are an accurate reflection of PB customers that have used their sub standard offering.

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