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AllAgents extends bid to raise £50,000 to fight possible Purplebricks action

The website AllAgents has extended its deadline to raise £50,000 for possible legal costs should Purplebricks take action over disputed reviews.

The original deadline was due to close at 12.30 lunchtime today; at that time, some £44,205 had been raised from 186 supporters. 

But with seconds remaining, the deadline was extended to one minute to midnight this evening; this followed a busy morning with several additional contributions from new supporters.


There has been a high-profile spat between the two high profile firms for several weeks; AllAgents removed all Purplebricks’ reviews from its site after legal letters from the agency threatened action.

Just over two months ago the high-profile AllAgents service, for the first time ever, suspended an account - that of Purplebricks - removing all the agency’s 71 reviews.

At the time it said it had dropped the reviews following “repeated threats of legal action forcing the removal of negative reviews from our website”. Purplebricks disputed the accuracy of at least some of the reviews, which produced a very different picture of the agency than that which comes across from rival reviews on the Trustpilot site.

After a series of ill-tempered statements from AllAgents and Purplebricks, the former launched the crowdfunding appeal under the title “Help us raise £50,000 legal fund to stop Purplebricks from suppressing customers reviews on our website.”

Meanwhile Purplebricks has claimed that it has repeatedly asked for information from AllAgents to prove the authenticity, or otherwise, of the reviews.

In recent days there have been reports that Purplebricks and AllAgents have been involved in apparently slow-moving discussions to resolve the dispute.

  • Welsh  Cynic

    Will Purple Bricks undertake to prove the authenticity of all their 5 star reviews on TrustPilot?

    Rob  Davies

    Do pigs fly? Is the Pope a Catholic? etc, etc.

    I fear you may be waiting a while!

  • Paul Singleton

    Ha ha wouldnt have thought so!!

  • icon

    And just thought it was not too long ago we were all out to shut allagents down due to some of the unverified reviews. What's changed?

    Rob  Davies

    From my experience, AllAgents aren't exactly a bastion of honesty, integrity and fully verified reviews, but that's the difficulty with these review sites. You can never quite be sure that no dodgy, fake or manipulated reviews have slipped through the net - it's just more rife on some websites.

  • icon

    stick with a local agent ,you can negotiate 1% and less,a lot less!


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