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Agent 'keys' recruitment boss's car after losing legal battle

A London estate agent has admitted causing criminal damage after 'keying' the car belonging to the head of a recruitment firm.

Oliver McHugh, founder of Olivers Town estate agents, was cautioned by police after causing a reported £3,000 worth of damage to an Audi TT.

The event occurred after a court hearing in which McHugh’s firm was ordered to pay James Richmond, managing director of JR Recruitment, £3,600 in unpaid recruitment fees.

The agent originally refused to pay the bill for a temp worker who he believed had taken too much time off and was 'pre-occupied' with her father's health.

The dispute ended up in Edmonton Crown Court last month, where McHugh lost the case and was ordered to pay the bill in full.

It's been reported that following the hearing, McHugh took out his key and scratched 'one whole side' of the recruitment chief’s Audi.

On seeing McHugh damaging his car, Richmond reportedly gave chase and carried out a citizen’s arrest before the agent was apprehended by passing police.

"I'm glad the situation is finally sorted, for the second time," Richmond told the Daily Mail. "I think Oliver has got off lightly on this occasion."

  • Terence Dicks

    What an absolute idiot of a man. Not only does he try to stiff the recruitment agent, but then keys his car to earn a criminal record and put his business at risk!!

  • Algarve  Investor

    As Del Boy would say: "what a 24 carat plonker!"


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