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Channel 4 launching new property programme later this month

We know all about Grand Designs and Location, Location, Location - now Channel 4 hopes another new TV property programme will become just as successful.

On November 14 it is launching a show called Coast V Country; it will run each weekday for six weeks with each episode lasting an hour.

Made by Freeform Productions, the company behind A Place In The Sun, the show sees if it can persuade buyers who want to move out of the city to choose either a typical rural idyll in the British countryside or a popular coastal location.

The presenters will be interior designer Kerr Drummond and property expert Sara Damergi.

In the past year a range of estate agents and portals have chosen Channel 4 and its sister networks such as More4 as advertising platforms on the strength of their property-related programming.

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    Oh not another one -- with people with budgets beyond belief for 90% of the population looking at properties. What fun , oh joy, and I'll watch something else.

    BTW these people who call themselves "property experts", could I see their qualifications displayed at the end of the program please, or is it just a matter of wearing very high heels and knowing how to put false eye lashes on properly? A few Chartered Member of ....... professional qualifications would help their credibility wouldn't it now?


    Yes but to be on tele you also need a personality and certain performance-related skills, wouldn't you agree?

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    Is this you Phil and Kirsty


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