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Tepilo unveils new ad - and a prize visit from Sarah Beeny

Tepilo has launched a new TV advertisement and is offering new clients the chance of a personal visit to their home by the agency’s owner, celebrity doer-upper Sarah Beeny.

The thirty second ad begins with Beeny depicted as a guru on a cloud, with her voiceover saying “there’s no dark art to successfully selling your home”.

It then goes on to say how the agency’s sales managers have “years of industry experience” and that clients can track the progress of a property’s transaction through the agency’s new app.


As part of the marketing campaign around the new ad, the agency’s website has new promotional elements saying how it uses Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages on a daily basis.

It also reveals that Sarah Beeny to host a Twitter question-and-answer session later this month.

But it then asks: “How great would it be if you could have Sarah, in the flesh, in your living room, drinking your tea, laughing at your jokes, and most importantly, giving you personal tips on how you could improve your home and garden?”

It offers that opportunity to any client buying any of Tepilo’s sales packages this month. They will automatically be entered in a prize draw - but there are strings attached. 

The small print on the website states: “The winner will be required to participate in publicity and promotional activity. Tepilo shall publish a blog, photographs, a video and/or other material on tepilo.com and its related social media sites featuring details of Sarah’s home visit. By accepting the prize, the winner shall be consenting to participation in and publication of the same.”

The draw will be held on October 1 and the visit will take place sometime during the following four weeks.

  • icon

    Someone will have to buy one of the sales packages first then!

  • Bethany Walker

    Wow what a great way to advertise online estate agents and not make them seem like they're just fame-hungry shallow airheads.

  • Daniel Roder

    Clever marketing ploy. But I fear that's all it is.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Can't be any worse than Purplebricks' feeble offerings. Anyone else switch the channel as soon as their cringeworthy ad comes on?


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