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By Nick Ball

Sales Director, mio


The importance of recognising sales progression talent

The sales progression function is what binds the whole property transaction together and the importance of effective sales progression in the property market, led by talented sales progressors, cannot be overstated. It takes great skill, dexterity, diplomacy and determination.

Sales progression can’t be an entirely automated, hands-off process. It requires agility and open communication with movers, other agents in the chain and conveyancers. Understanding the process and working proactively with all parties to make the process easier and achieve your shared goal is a critical success factor.

For the agent, sales progression is the difference between sale or no sale – and commission paid or unpaid. It can also reduce the agent’s fall through rates, and result in fewer delays, more frequent and sustainable sales pipeline turnover, and increased revenues.


A smooth property transaction has a great reputational impact on the agency and is reflected in positive word of mouth referrals and reviews, making it easier for agents to win both new and repeat sales instructions in the short and longer term.”

Charlotte Jeffrey Campbell, director of The Able Agent, says: “Great sales progressors understand that buyers and sellers want a secure sale. An agency’s ability to progress sales effectively must be a key demonstrable differentiator of their overall value to the customer.”

“A good sales progressor will understand and manage their buyers’ and sellers’ wants, needs and timescales. It’s a vital relationship that enables the transaction to keep on track and avoid bumps in the road.”

Designed to celebrate the best talent in this field, here at mio we are giving property professionals the chance to recognise the positive impact sales progressors have made this turbulent year, in the ‘Sales Progressor of the Year Awards 2022’.

How can you nominate your Sales Progressor of the Year?

To nominate friends and colleagues, simply click this link and follow the instructions.

  • Entries are open to all UK estate agents

  • Nominations close on Friday 25 November 2022.

  • The winner and two runners up will be announced on 13 December 2022

mio’s Sales Progressor of the Year Award is celebrating the agents who are not just doing it well, but also delivering consistently great sales progression for their clients and to their businesses.

Estate agents have a great responsibility to their clients to successfully manage the property transaction to completion and minimise the risk of fall-throughs. With the right approach, and supporting sales progression software such as mio, agents are able to keep control of the process.

How can you make your sales progression more effective?

Sales progression can be a complex process. Here I share my top tips on how to bring greater efficiencies to the process:

1. Have one defined process for everyone

Whether or not you have a dedicated Sales Progressor, ensure everyone in your team follows the same process to avoid confusion and create consistency. This approach means the outcome will be the same, no matter who is involved.  

2. Encourage good, digital practices

Discourage bad habits, such as paper notes which can be missed or lost, and important tasks overlooked. Where possible, log calls and contact notes digitally and set aside time daily for sales progression so that tasks become ingrained.

3. Make clear responsibilities and tasks

Whatever system you use to manage your sales progression, give your staff full visibility across each transaction and who is responsible for what tasks. Knowing what’s going on and who’s doing what makes healthier communication between staff and with your home movers, as everyone’s in the know.

4. Elevate the value of sales progression in your business

Sales progression is a key part of a successful estate agency service. Whether you’re investing in technology like mio, or training staff on the process, promote the important place it has within the business and make it as rewarding as possible to those who manage it. Nominating someone for Sales Progressor of the Year is just one great way to recognise their efforts and impact on your business performance.

5. Make the most of free resources and guides

Property transactions can be complex, so it pays to have some understanding of how sales progression works. Make use of resources and tips to demystify the process, increase your knowledge and educate your home movers, to help you keep your properties on track, such as: Sales Progression Checklist and Guide to Property Transactions.

*Nick Ball is sales director at mio


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