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Angelo  Piccirillo CEO AVRillo
Angelo Piccirillo CEO AVRillo
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Was an agent. Owned estate agencies. Now joint founder of AVRillo, the UKs more awarded conveyancing lawyers. I love making a difference, getting a deal over the line, moving my clients and making my estate agent suppliers more money.

my expertise in the industry

I was an estate agent, then estate agency owner of more than one agency, sold up at profit to focus on conveyancing, and building up AVRillo. I one of the few specialists property lawyers in the UK, have two Masters in Property, as well as qualified as a property Arbitrator, able to judge property disputes. It means I can problems early, and find creative solutions others tend to miss. It means our clients and estate agents havea 95% success rate, rather than 63% with other lawyers across the UK. I am member of the Association of Public Speakers. I teach both lawyers and estate agents in winning ways, and am author of various conveyancing made easy handbooks.

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Angelo  Piccirillo CEO AVRillo
This might upset some conveyancing lawyers, but not the ones that get it! I'll add my bit as former agent and solicitor for some 30 years. I've never seen conveyancing so bad. It's getting slower, with some lawyers having lost the art of picking up the phone and sorting out the problem there and then without having a long email battle over simple things. Arguing for no real reason adds weeks to the already slow transaction. As for COVID, yes, of course it has slowed the transaction down. More paperwork to send out, complex scenarios to deal with. That's without all the firms closing, redundancies etc. I've been told Rightmove estimate an extra month on the transaction when it was already close to 5 months! It's not easy for agents or lawyers to keep up. I can share what we have done, but we've been brave. We've spent money and recources on engaging the team, keeping them motivated, and committed to getting deals done. This includes looking after their wellbeing and paying good commission rates (not only completing but ensuring they complete with high customer scores). Tony (my brother and business partner) each work 20 hours a day, but i don't expect or want them to do this; but my word do they work hard. So far we have not even increased our prices, which most firms do. It means though all my team work hard, long hours but are keeping their reputation for getting the deals done. What else have we done? We put more money where our mouth is. We started to recruit new lawyers in May. Over the last 3 months we have taken on 10 experienced conveyancing lawyers. We are bringing on 4 more. Fact is, we took the view that we did not spend 22 years on building up AVRillo to see if fall due to current staff not coping with new demands. Yes, less profit, but a firm with an engaged, well paid workforce, and happy agents who get their deals done. It's not easy, but if conveyancers are to survive, we must all continue to invest as much as we can in doing a good job now, or face losing business.

From: Angelo Piccirillo CEO AVRillo 21 September 2020 20:09 PM

Angelo  Piccirillo CEO AVRillo

From: Angelo Piccirillo CEO AVRillo 26 August 2020 07:47 AM

Angelo  Piccirillo CEO AVRillo

From: Angelo Piccirillo CEO AVRillo 08 August 2020 16:19 PM

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