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Alan Murray
The process used for conveyancing is age old. That is not a criticism, it has always worked to varying degrees and though creaking now it is still fit for purpose. Unfortunately many of the Firms working within that system are not, and even reading some of the comments on this subject it is extraordinary how some see themselves when the reality of dealing with them is completely different. That is the problem, many think they are doing a good job when they are not, so no adequate training is given to staff and we just continue ad nauseum in the same old cycle. Throw in a lack of leadership in the profession, which is split into governing bodies anyway and seen by too many as an industry, and it is easy to see why we are shuddering. But the criticism is harsh. I would love to know the identity of the firms the two Agents as quoted are using for their recommendations? I agree as I said yesterday the majority of conveyancers these days are bad, to be polite. Every day I find myself apologizing to clients for the standards of conveyancing from the firms on the other side of their transactions. But Estate Agents should look at themselves and wonder why that is. If they did not take the cash from Introducers then the thirty or so bad Practitioners we can all name as problem firms would hopefully not be polluting the market with their inadequate attempts to progress files. Be careful what you wish for is something they should have considered when they started taking that money. You cannot have it both ways, if you take the money you create the very issues you are now complaining about? Good conveyancers do not cause delays, only bad ones.

From: Alan Murray 22 September 2020 10:20 AM

Alan Murray
I have been working in conveyancing for almost forty years. In that time the basic way the system works hasn't changed, so if it ain't broke why fix it? What people should be looking at instead is why the situation we presently have with huge delays in transactions proceeding, and poor advice being given to clients and standards being at an all time low. Estate Agents should be looking at themselves in this regard, it is after all they who chase the lucre by recommending the firms who are the problem. Those firms and their working practices never existed until a few years ago and Estate agents seemed to survive perfectly well then. So clearly banning fees paid for work would be an obvious first step to improve matters, with a hopeful knock on effect that these factory firms slowly disappear back to from where they came. That would make everybody's job easier and assist sellers and buyers. The legal qualification referred to by Tim Higham is a red herring. You can be academically brilliant but practically...useless so an exam is meaningless. What I am saying is you can gain the highest qualification you like but if you cannot put into practice then it's as much use as a chocolate fireguard... There are plenty of Solicitors out there who prove that and even more Licenced Conveyancers. There is a very long and complicated discussion to be had on how to put right the property market. Reservation Agreements are an irrelevance in my opinion only being proposed by people with a vested interest.

From: Alan Murray 27 October 2019 13:53 PM

Alan Murray

From: Alan Murray 17 May 2019 14:02 PM

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