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Alexa: when do we get cheaper and faster conveyancing?

A law firm says it’s made legal history by integrating the automated voice-activated platform Alexa into its system.

Customers of Simply Conveyancing Property Lawyers can download the Alexa app and are then able to ask the virtual assistant questions and queries about their conveyancing transaction. 

The firm - it has offices in Northamptonshire and London and says it uses “some of the best PropTech in the country” - has recently launched digitally signed contracts.


The company’s IT director Ian Strickley says: “This integration of Alexa into our internal system eConvey, will offer additional support and information for our customers on their transaction, 24/7.”

Customers can use Alexa to check on detailed information about the progress of their transaction, request a new quote on a sale or purchase, seek assistance on paperwork and contracts.


“We believe we are the first property law firm to offer this service to our customers. We understand that buying a property can be stressful and worrying so our use of Alexa adds an additional level of support for our customers, on the go or at home” adds Strickley.

Franchise agency group Hunters says its customers can already check the valuation of their home via Alexa, while at the start of last year London-based hybrid lettings agency Vesper Homes gave its landlords a free voice-controlled Amazon Echo Dot - which operates like Alexa - allowing them to ask “When is my rent due?”

  • Mark Treagust

    ‘Alexa, why hasn’t my sale gone through yet?’

    ‘.....playing love for sale by Shirley Bassey’.

  • icon

    Alexa - why are you collecting data on me so third parties can try and sell me additional moving services?

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    Instead of producing something gimmicky like this why can this Firm Simply not concentrate on training its staff to produce competent Conveyancing? To provide a good service and not forcing those good, professioanal conveyancers who have to deal with them to have cardiacs or tear our hair out.

    q. Alexa who is the worst conveyancing firm out there in the marketplace?
    a. ....................................................?

    • 17 May 2019 13:38 PM

    No doubt a comment from a “local” tin pot conveyancer. Technology in conveyancing has moved on Alan!
    I’ve recommended this firm for many years. Their service/speed/communication is fantastic!
    I look forward to your reply, once you’ve sent it off into dictation.....


    Alan, I so agree. Every decent conveyancer in the country would say the same three conveyancing outfit names to your ....................... That is why those names (and their umbrella association) have been disclosed as part of the feedback the Government sought in their recent quest to make improvements to the house moving process.

    There is such a lack of appetite for so many conveyancing outfits to want to offer excellence. Instead they offer volume by paying for customers, when they know the sleler's of the leads do not care either about complaints/quality, just the incoming money.

    Meanwhile those of us who do care, end up doing our work, and that organisation's.

    New technology talk is almost always a mask to sell to shambolic/inept conveyancers. Give me email alone, and a decent conveyancer opposite, and we’d be complete within hours, let alone exchanged. Give a rubbish conveyancer all bells and whistle IT, and you might end of with a faster deal, but the defects with the legal work are still there, probably greater as less time was spent on it all.

    Avoid any more IT adverts/sales pitches, just improve what you already do.

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    Absolutely hilarious, you should be on the stage!!

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    Alan/Tim I think your both missing the point! I say well done to Simply Conveyancing for embracing new technology!
    I’m always looking for new ways to enhance client experience and move with the times.
    The industry needs innovators!

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    “Cheaper Conveyancing”? Yer havin a laff.

    We’d need to charge double if we high street law (LAW) firms had to deal with these tick box factory conveyancers on more than say 2 out of 10 cases.

    If you have to BUY business then you’re not very good at it. The sooner the disgrace of ‘referral fees’ is banned by law, and, while we’re at it, Estate Agents are properly regulated, the better.


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