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Keller Williams UK faces new restructure

The Keller Williams UK (KWUK) brand is facing yet another restructure with its leadership in the country effectively removed.

KWUK spent much of last year rearranging and merging market centres before chief executive Ben Taylor was moved to executive chairman and replaced by Mark Readings.

Speaking at a KWUK event in October, Readings explained a new strategy for the company that included a new rewards programme, personal branding and minimum standards for agents under a ‘licence to trade.’


But just a few months later, Keller Williams Worldwide (KWW), the international division of Keller Williams, has said it is reorganising its KW United Kingdom region.

Darryl Frost, spokesperson for KWW, confirmed to Estate Agent Today that Keller Williams Worldwide is now in a direct contractual relationship with each of the market centres rather than through a regional master licensee. 

Additionally, KWW said it is searching for new candidates to take the master licensee and regional leadership roles.  

Readings and Taylor are no longer involved at the regional master licensee level but Frost said the pair continue to own and operate their individual market centres.

However, a liquidation notice has been posted in the London Gazette for Grifettey Ltd, run by Taylor and trading as Keller Williams UK.

Frost said Grifettey Limited was the former regional master licensee and is in liquidation proceedings.

He added: "Taylor, through a separate entity from Grifettey, owns and operates the KW Prime Market Centre, and Mark Readings, through his own entity, owns and operates the KW Plus Market Centre. Both will continue operations."

It is understood that KWUK has struggled to attract agents and many have been attracted to other self-employed initiatives such as The Estate Agency, prompting renewed rumours about the future of the brand.

During this transitional period, KWW said, KWUK offices and agents will continue to serve agents and clients at the highest level possible.

Frost said: “KW will remain in the UK. The existing market centres are continuing their operations. There is only a change in regional leadership that is in the process.”

William E. Soteroff, president of KWW, said:  "We view change as an opportunity to grow and improve. 

"Our recent changes within KW United Kingdom are no exception. We remain fully committed to our mission of transforming lives through real estate in the United Kingdom.”

KWW said the current UK market centres have already begun collaborations to continue to deliver growth, training and mentorship for all KW agents in the UK.  

Andrew Benn, operating principal of the KW Advantage market centre, said: “On behalf of my fellow KW market centre leaders, we are excited to continue operations focused on growth and support of all our agents. Our top priority, as always, is to see our agents thriving as entrepreneurs.” 

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    Where are these people, why does every property related business idea from the US seem to fail in the UK?

    Matthew Gardiner Legge

    Ummm eXp? Just sayin'

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    • S S
    • 07 March 2024 16:10 PM

    Seems an incredibly convoluted mess of relationships - and having Keller Williams UK in liquidation whatever the reasons is hardly an great advertisement for the brand!


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