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Agents must remember how to actively sell homes - claim

Many agents have forgotten what it takes to sell property, an industry figure claims.

Speaking on the latest Agents MVMT Pass The Syrup podcast, , Vicky Bibiris of Location Location, suggested property professionals need to get back to the routine of actively selling.

She said: “Our daily routines shifted two years ago as were forced into a reactive state of working.”


Bibiris suggested this meant many agents have forgotten about the importance of daily callouts, the prospecting and the process of targeting new business if no offers are coming through on listings.

She added: “A lot have forgotten what it really takes. You should make sure you are increasing the outbound volumes.

“If you had 1,500 sales leads a year ago and that drops, you need to increase your outbound volumes.”

The podcast, which featured Rowan Waller of Wallers Estate Agents, and Stuart Collar-Brown of MyAuction, also if agents still need to be on the high street.

Watch the full recording below:

  • Peter Wright

    Comment for comments sake. It’s frustrating to be lectured by podcast on sales techniques.

  • icon

    EA ceased being a sales job many years ago
    Now it is put it on RM and wait for an enquiry and reply by e mail

  • Matthew Payne

    I dont see what lead volumes have to do with the need or desire to be proactive. Any half decent neg would have made all their outound app calls long before the property went live anyway, and quite often sold it before the first lead arrives. The need for canvassing is all the more greater in bull market, you just need to refine your message and tackle different pain points. This I would assume is for all those agents out there who threw standard good practice in the bin in the last couple of years and put their feet up.

  • Chris Arnold

    The Blind Leading the blind. Attraction marketing is far preferable to interrupting the lives of strangers with this tired thinking.

    Stop chasing people and have them chase you. No wonder the industry is in such a mess.


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