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Zoopla promises quicker leads for agents

Zoopla has launched a new tool that promises to speed up and improve how agents receive leads.

The portal previously sent leads to a dedicated area for an agent, leaving firms responsible for accessing their own enquiries using traditional methods of email parsing or a file transfer protocol.

This meant agents had to search and access the enquiry data themselves to put leads into their own system.


Instead, Zoopla has now launched two new functionalities, offered free of charge for users, that sends leads to customers in a fast, usable and data-rich way that can be automated and embedded by the agent into their own technology. 

The service consists of a Push Delivery Service and a Leads API.

Under the Push Delivery Service, once a potential customer submits an enquiry on the Zoopla website, the leads data is turned into a consistent format and sent directly to agents within seconds.

The Leads API lets agents access relevant requests in bulk to be sent to their own systems.

Benefits of the leads service include lead delivery in just seconds, which gives agents the ability to make immediate contact with a vendor.

Customers who are interested in upgrading to the Leads API or Push Delivery Service can contact Zoopla customer services to find out more. 

Zoopla has already informed users that they will need to migrate from using its FTP server or email parsing to get leads by 10 July 2022.

Andy Marshall, chief commercial officer for Zoopla, said: “We're constantly striving to improve the service we offer to our customers, and our new Push Delivery Service and Lead API enables our partners to receive leads in the fastest possible time, removing the need for manual data entry. 

“This unlocks a range of opportunities for our customers, including the ability to immediately act on those all important vendor and applicant leads.”

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    How about Zoopla start by forcing appos to complete an enquiry with a bit more info. All I ever get is a name and number. How about about full address, buying position etc. Pretty basic expectation.

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    Yet more faff for agents.


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