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OnTheMarket in big media deal with UK's largest news publisher

OnTheMarket has signed a big media deal with the UK’s largest news publisher.

The deal is with Reach, which owns nine national news brands including The Mirror, The Express and the Daily Star.  

Its 110 regional titles include the Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo and Bristol Post, along with over 70 online brands including the ‘Live’ network of sites and hyperlocal online platform ‘InYourArea’. 


A statement from OnTheMarket this morning says: “The partnership with Reach will enhance OnTheMarket’s digital presence and footprint with the aim of increasing leads for agents. The strategy will engage consumers across the entire Reach digital inventory, including contextual advertising, sponsored newsletters and digital content on a national, regional and local level.”

The partnership is already in its initial roll-out stages and OTM says it will also soon see Reach providing member agents with a bespoke social media service, which will include a dedicated account manager and planner to create and execute social media campaigns on their behalf. 

"This service will be available only to OnTheMarket customers and will also enable them to purchase their social media advertising via Reach, providing agents with a highly convenient and cost effective ‘turnkey’ social media solution" says this morning's statement.

Jason Tebb, chief executive Officer of OnTheMarket, says: “As the biggest multi-channel news and media business in the UK, with mainstream national titles as well as the majority of all regional and local news brands in their portfolio, our new relationship with Reach will significantly boost our consumer engagement as well as providing a valuable platform to support our estate agents’ brands via social media campaigns on a hyperlocal basis." 

Tebb continues: "This represents ‘best in class’ local coverage to support our brand, which is what our agents have been telling me they both want and need.”


And Terry Hornsby, group digital director of Reach, adds:  “We will also be partnering on a newsletter powered by Reach and OnTheMarket to provide consumers with the information and quality content that people with an interest in the property market really need and want. OnTheMarket will benefit by receiving a far richer picture of its target audience’s behaviours and a much deeper connection with them, helping to deliver its long-term business goals.”

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    Another "not so bright idea" from OTM. Remember when they claimed they would be the number 2 portal after 5 years ?? They are nowhere near it and won't be either going back to the 90's to advertise in the Press, home hunters are a lot more savvy these days and will just go straight to a portal to look. I don't think they will be logging on to the Daily Fail site to look for properties. Deary me.


    Vested interest Secret Agent as I work for Reach. You're slightly off the mark regarding your 'press' comment. Yes, Reach still publish lots of national and regional print titles (the Daily Mail isn't one of them by the way), but they are also the UK’s largest news publisher with more than 42 million users visiting their online network every month.


    It's so far a 'not so bright idea', that you can't even understand it. Read it again.

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    This is survival for otm
    Good move

  • Chris Arnold

    "warning - the advertising market is dangerous, unregulated and crawling with bots, scammers and other questionable traffic. There's a serious risk that a quarter of your ads will never be seen by a real person." - Association of National Advertising.

    Digital ad fraud is rife and when it's not, there is the issue of blocking.

    " there's no doubt that ad-blocking is now a very real issue for Advertisers. Over a quarter of the people they're trying to reach are wilfully making themselves unreachable." - Bill Fisher.

    12. 2 million people in the UK use ad-blockers.

    Still think digital ads provide a good return?

    Algarve  Investor

    They've got to be seen to do something, given they seem to have just been coasting along, not really having any impact, for a long time. They've had their thunder stolen by Boomin and can't even claim to be the newest kids on the block anymore.

    OTM is a decent third portal, nothing more. And has made Zoopla and RM stronger, the total opposite of what it intended. Will be interesting to see how it fares with the launch of Boomin.

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    Widely known 50pc of advertising portal traffic is non human.
    But the other 50pc if you are smart is gold

  • Algarve  Investor

    A last throw of the dice from OTM with Boomin on the horizon?


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