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Instantly benchmark your Estate Agency online

An online test that allows agents to immediately get a clear picture around three key areas of their business, and start to see where they could make even marginal gains in each of the three key areas to have a big impact, has been released.

It enables estate agents to benchmark their estate agency, in 15 questions, to see if they are working as smart as possible and also offers the prospect of a free copy of a best-selling book.

The test gives the owner an overall result and gives agents some idea of the type of improvement they could see in their business if each or any of the three areas were to improve.

The test was created by Mark Burgess, the author of the best-selling book The Estate Agency Revolution. He said: “I receive so many messages from agents that have read the book and I found myself running through very similar questions with each one to try and give both them and me a feel for where their business is right now. Because of this I thought it would much more sense to create an online version that any agent could take without needing to book in for a call or message me.

“The key is for the test to highlight areas of concern that they agent might not even realise can be improved. Most agents score pretty well in one area of things but could find that they are dropping points on the tech side, operational side or marketing side, whereby they might just not be aware of how much simpler or efficient their business could be.”

Each agent that completes the online test receives a four-page report along with a free copy of the best-selling book The Estate Agency Revolution which has helped hundreds of agents to build more profitable businesses and beat their competition to the punch every time.

You can instantly benchmark your Estate Agency and get a free copy of the book here.

  • John Evans

    this is just an advert to push agents towards Lifesycle CRM


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