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Revealed: Agencies’ top website hits and social media followings

A new analysis of corporate estate agencies’ social media followings and websites shows the big winners to be Savills, Foxtons and Purplebricks. 

The analysis was conducted by Rayner Personnel and looked only at corporate agencies and their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook follower totals. 

Amongst the corporates, Savills ranks in the top three across the trio of major platforms - perhaps unsurprising given that it is far more internationally-focussed than most UK agency brands. 


With 70,500 followers Savills has the largest Twitter presence followed by Knight Frank (63,400), Fine and Country (15,100), the resurrected Emoov (12,400) and Countrywide (10,100).

Foxtons tops the Facebook league table with 58,662 followers. Knight Frank (51,044) ranks second followed by Savills (26,050), Fine and Country (22,732) and Purplebricks (20,147).

On Instagram, Savills again ranks as number one with 116,000. with Knight Frank (103,000), Fine and Country (12,000) Foxtons (6,160) and Haart (5,030) also securing a large following.

However, when it comes to driving engagement through websites the clear winner is Purplebricks with an average of 1.7m visits per month so far this year.

Foxtons ranks second with 731,667, followed by LSL’s YourMove (595,000) and Knight Frank (540,000).

The analysis by Rayner does not include property portals nor any of the smaller independent agencies: for example, Estate Agent Today has been informed by Lancasters - a single-branch firm on the Isle of Wight - that it has over 23,000 Facebook followers, putting it ahead of both Purplebricks and Fine & Country had independent agencies been included as well.


Corporate agencies with highest Twitter followers:

1. Savills (70,500);

2. Knight Frank (63,400);

3. Fine & Country (15,100);

4. Emoov (12,400);

5. Countrywide (10,100);

6. Strike (previously Housesimple) (9,661);

7. Hunters (7,977);

8. Haart (7,579);

9. Purplebricks (6,521);

10. Reeds Rains / LSL (4,829).


Corporate agencies with highest Facebook followers:

1. Foxtons (58,662);

2. Knight Frank (51,044);

3. Savills (26,050);

4. Fine & Country (22,732);

5. Purplebricks (20,147);

6. Farrell Heyworth (13,487);

7. Chancellors (13,141);

8. Emoov (10,437);

9. Yopa (9,317);

10. Reeds Rains / LSL (8,705).


Corporate agencies with highest Instagram followers:

1. Savills (116,000);

2. Knight Frank (103,000);

3. Fine & Country (12,000)

4. Foxtons (6,160);

5. Haart (5,030);

6. Purplebricks (4,358);

7. Emoov (2,354);

8. Connells (2,026);

9. Yopa (1,948);

10. Your Move / LSL (1,941).


Corporate agencies' Website Visits (average per month); 

1. Purplebricks (1,753,333);

2. Foxtons (731,667);

3. Your Move / LSL (595,000);

4. Knight Frank (540,000);

5. Savills (391,667);

6. Yopa (286,667);

7. Reeds Rains / LSL (255,000);

8. Leaders (240,000);

9. Connells (213,333);

10. Hunters (197,500).


Social media followings collected on July 22; Website engagement taken from www.similarweb.com.

  • Ben Hollis

    Are you sure about that...?
    Our agency has over 23,000 Facebook likes/followers
    A correction and being entered into your league table would be appreciated.

  • icon

    Roman James Estates 12,000+ Facebook likes/followers? I do feel as though your articles are all about the “big boys” and the supposed smaller independents (That aren’t as small as they once were and are in a lot of areas becoming the new Goliath) aren’t considered.

    Please make sure your research is correct as it compromises the trust and integrity of your articles.

  • Robin Arnold

    Another key metric that has been overlooked, is the conversion rate. What percentage of the website traffic is converted into leads and enquiries.

    When we are designing and building websites for our clients this is our core focus.

    There is no point attracting half a million visitors to your website if when they get there, the user experience is so poor, the visitors rapidly bounce off to a competitors site.

    Some of the sites listed above have shocking user experience and in my opinion need help.

  • Where Is The  Monii Money

    Robin is spot on. The engagement rate is a better measure.

    Any analysis that is only looking at one metric is inherently flawed.

    Consider that unhappy clients also follow. May be this is a measure of how many people these agents have upset!!

  • icon

    Easy to buy likes though!!!
    Challenge is transparency
    How does everyone know all real local buyers owners etc

  • Algarve  Investor

    "A new analysis of corporate estate agencies’ social media followings and websites"

    I think this rather gives the game away regarding a lack of mentions of smaller independents, doesn't it?

    I agree, though, that the smaller firms need to be recognised as well - some punch above their weight in a big way through their use of social media or other digital and innovative means.


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