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Maverick agent threatens ‘yellow vest’ civil protest over Brexit

A maverick estate agent pictured wearing a yellow vest has threatened to mount what he calls a “civil protest” if Brexit is “betrayed”.

The agent, Chris Wood of PDQ Estates in Cornwall, wore the infamous yellow hi-viz vest while making the pledge on social media.

Wearing a vest of that kind has become synonymous with anti-Brexit protests in recent weeks, and the vests were prominent on those who barracked a female Conservative MP in the streets near the Houses of Parliament last week.


Calling themselves the Yellow Vests UK, the protestors’ demonstrations started in December; they have been in Westminster on an almost daily basis heckling pro-Remain campaigners, journalists and MPs outside Parliament.

Now Wood - who has had high profile disputes with the National Association of Estate Agents and the Advertising Standards Authority in the past 18 months - has worn a similar vest in a picture accompanying his pro-Brexit tweet.

The tweet says: “My high viz vest is usually for when I’m on site. However, if the democratic will of the people in the #BREXIT referendum, general election and article 50 vote is betrayed, it will be used in civil protest.”

In the recent past Wood has also engaged in disputes with Zoopla and Purplebricks.

Meanwhile following last evening’s humiliating defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal there has been more frustration from the agency industry.

Nick Leeming, chairman at Jackson-Stops, says: “It is disappointing that once again the country is left waiting on an outcome on our future. With every extra minute that passes, the UK’s confidence in the government dwindles and we are left wondering if the House of Commons really knows what they want and what impact their decisions will have on our country, our businesses and our markets

“Until there is further clarity, we expect the brave souls of Brexit to continue playing the housing market to their advantage and making the most of lower house prices, while the ‘must movers’ market are also keeping things ticking along. The longer we remain in this void, the more confident both buyers and sellers will be in their decisions and will get back to business as usual as our uncertain market becomes the ‘new normal’.” 

And Guy Bradshaw, head of residential salesat UK Sotheby’s International Realty, comments: “It is disappointing to be left in limbo once again. As the domestic market continues to take a wait and see approach, international investors will undoubtedly capitalise on the plummeting sterling which is slipping off a near multi-week high. We’re expecting a spike in international buyers who don’t want to miss out on the great deals the currency play can offer. 

“This ‘Fear of Missing Out’ market will predominately be driven by pent up demand from dollar buyers which is currently very strong. We know that while the economy is looking weaker today, it will bounce back and by the end of 2023 it is forecast to be growing again, so these buyers are making a savvy investment.”

  • Matt Faizey

    Estate agent wearing a high visibility best in a self publicised video threatens social unrest.


    Those that can, do. Those that can't....

  • Andrew Ireland

    There are a number of ways of drawing attention to yourself, picking fights, urinating in public together with other gestures of immorality, or even become Boris Johnson. I don't think being an estate agent and threatening to wear high vis does it really.
    As for the comments offered by the selected property royalty, yup we know the weather is pretty rubbish in January, clouds are generally grey or white, cars have tyres and one tends to put on weight over Christmas.

  • icon

    73 days and we'll be out. No Yellow Vests required.

  • icon

    Article 50 will absolutely be extended. No way we leave with no deal. Whatever happens, this guy and many others will scream "betrayal", but that's not going to force Parliament to annihilate the economy.


    This is what happens when you get all your news from BBC/Channel 4 and/or Daily Fail/Independent/Guardian.

  • icon

    Only thing guys.
    Theresa May has done her best.
    Would you let Corbin try.

  • Tony Sinclair

    Yellow.. Like a Canary down a Coal Mine perhaps?


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