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Emoov changes ‘save thousands’ wording after watchdog steps in

Emoov has agreed to change the wording of a Google search advertisement after a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ad contained the claim "save thousands with eMoov". 

It was challenged as to whether this was misleading and could be substantiated, and after consultation between the agency and the ASA, Emoov confirmed it would make changes to the advert.


On that basis the complaint was categorised as ‘informally resolved’.

This morning, EAT spotted this message on the Emoov site: “Be Vigilant - High street estate agents’ commission is daylight robbery. Use our commission calculator to see how much you could save with Emoov.”

  • Chris Arnold

    It appears ever easier to 'sell a lie' to those most vulnerable. Homeowners need better protection from charlatans and hucksters that have only to change a word or two without changing the intent.
    It's becoming all too fashionable.

  • Tony Sinclair

    Here we go again. No sooner does a company expand, it sets out on the the road of 'Greed, Greed and more Greed to satisfy the demands of it's greed ridden investors.

    And that my friends, is when 'creative advertising' et al begins. A PC term for lying, misleading and duping would be customers.

    Nobody here needs me or anyone else to tell them where this destructive road leads to because we have all seen it many times with the likes of Tesco or in property terms Purplish Bricks who are constantly having their TV ads challenged by the advertising authorities.

    The key word being 'Constantly' meaning they are either defiant, dumb or simply do not give a monkeys because they are so delusional they think they are too big to be pushed around or indeed to fail.

    What these company killing wannabee whiz kid advertising geniuses have not cottoned on to yet, is the fact that every time a story like this leaks out into the public domain it creates the great reputation killer.... Public Mistrust.

    Now Emoov has taken it's first dangerous step onto the same path of eventual destruction unless common sense and fair play prevail.

    This is another damaging blow to the the Online Estate Agencies. In fact I'm waiting for the Conspiracy Theorists to start peddling stories about a Hidden Agenda to destroy them.

    It's ironic that the decades old bad reputation of greedy High Street agents played a major part in the meteoric rise of the cheaper Hybrid agencies. But when the latter start playing the same greed ridden shenanigans I think we can all safely say that the property industry in general is now entering unknown territory. Especially with Brexit around the corner.

    It makes me wonder if there is either a big meltdown on the horizon for Traditional and Hybrid agencies alike because of a 'Third Option' that is about to be created.

    By that, I mean new model that cuts out the middle men altogether. It's something I've mentioned before in another post and indeed, I think there is a great possibility that it could well happen in 2019 AD.


    The downtrodden consumer has had enough of being duped, misled and robbed by dishonest traders and big business. They are already becoming more consumer savvy and aware of underhand advertising tactics. But here's the kicker...

    Instead of returning to good old fashioned honest trading where a good product will sell itself by reputation, these little low IQ advertising whiz kids and indeed the company bigwigs who employ and encourage them would rather dream up even more misleading underhand schemes and trickery than listen to the public and satisfy their needs.

    Once again, delusional thinking has set in over the past few decades. It's created a bizarre culture of greed and dishonest tactics in order to keep shareholders and investors satisfied instead of the consuming public who will ultimately decide their fate.

    Yes my friends, just like they did and indeed still are doing with the broader spectrum of High Street names who are disappearing faster than a banker can steal your money.

    2019? Bring it on because things are about to get very interesting. Especially in the Property Industry. (mark my words because my long term forecasts are more often right than wrong)

  • icon

    Stay focused My High Street friends.
    Remember you do a great job.

  • icon

    They wouldn't get away with it in Auss-‘informally resolved’ again-until the ASA show some teeth things will carry on as they are.


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