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The ValPal Network launches products to make membership 'cost-positive'

A network of agents representing over 800 brands with over 4,000 branches has announced the launch of a host of new products for its members.

The ValPal Network, which is best-known for its online sales and letting valuation tool, says it aims to make membership for its agents 'cost-positive'.

Alongside a valuation tool, which converts agents' website traffic into leads, the network also currently provides a live chat facility, training webinars and a range of marketing services.


The new products, which come as part of a 'major growth and development' drive for the network, are designed to maximise leads post-valuation to provide agents with an opportunity to generate more revenue from their prospects.

One of the products, MovePal, will offer members a way of automating a prospective vendor’s ‘nurture journey’, while partnering with moving services such as mortgage, survey and conveyancing providers in order to maximise agents’ revenue generation opportunities.

MovePal is positioning itself as a ‘one-stop home movers' hub’ where consumers can get an updated valuation of their property, use a cost of moving calculator, instruct an agent and benefit from offers from moving services providers.

Another new service, PortalPal, will ‘automatically qualify’ buyer and tenant leads, saving time for the agent and allowing them to prioritise ‘hot’ leads. 

PortalPal is also aiming to maximise potential revenue for agents, asking buyers if they are also selling a property or if they are interested in hearing about mortgage rates, while prompting tenants to provide landlord details or directing them to special offers from utilities services.

The ValPal Network says it is also working on a new website and branding to accompany the launch of the new products.

"Our members know that we are more than just a valuation tool, but this growth and rebrand has been a long-awaited process to let the rest of the agency world know what we’re about," says Craig Vile, director of The ValPal Network, which is owned by Angels Media, the publisher of Estate Agent Today.

"We aim to give our agents the tools they need to operate a complete sales and marketing funnel, no matter what their budget is, while making membership to The ValPal Network cost-positive," he says. 

"With new services like MovePal and PortalPal, our goal is to earn agents the maximum possible revenue from every lead, so that no opportunity is ever wasted."

You can see the whole list of new products The ValPal Network has to offer in more detail here.

  • Simon Shinerock

    The most valuable asset an agent has after the people who work there are their ability to generate and manage qualified leads. Valpal has proven itself to be the holy grail of lead generation however it’s not just how you attract the leads that matters, it’s what you do with them that really counts. ValPal is developing into an added value network giving its members access to cutting edge tech and invaluable experience about what really works. This is a proper joined up proposition, it’s what the high st needs to fight back against the onliners, my attitude is ‘if you can’t join them beat them’ and being a member of the ValPal Network gives us powerful weapos to help the high st win the war

  • Jack Holman

    How do you do.

    It's the HOW which is important here. WHAT is the tool - very simple and very effective if used in the right way. HOW you use ValPal is the key - e.g - Facebook ads with a simple call to action driving traffic to your ValPal page. That's the easy part.

    The next is HOW to deal with the leads - remember most will only be curious at this point. If someone is thinking at all of moving..then an online valuation tool is the first step - doesn't mean they want a visit yet and certainly not a pushy call. The skill is knowing HOW to speak to these leads and separating the MA's you book now with the ones you're going to track into the future. 90% will move at some point and now you have their details....

    WHEN is now.

    Simon Shinerock



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