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Purplebricks may be about to help out Emoov's stranded clients

A tweet from Purplebricks’ chief executive Michael Bruce suggests that the agency may be about to play a role in the Emoov saga.

The tweet, sent this morning, says: “I was very sorry to hear that @emoov has had to go into administration. Sad news for the staff and of course for customers who will be wondering what’s going on.”

It continues: “@PurplebricksUK we will do what we can to help all these customers and ensure they’re not out of pocket.”


More information on the form this help will take is expected in the next 24 hours.

Yesterday a statement by the administrators appointed by Emoov said there were prospective buyers for the listings on Emoov and its subsidiary Tepilo, and a decision was expected “in the coming days.”

On Monday insolvency consultancy James Cowper Kreston was appointed as administrators by the directors of Emoov Limited, Tepilo Holdings Limited and Tepilo Limited.

A statement released by the consultancy yesterday afternoon said recent attempts to find one or more buyers for the Emoov and Tepilo businesses, ahead of administration, proved inconclusive.  

“The administrators, nevertheless, want to minimise disruption to the companies’ client homeowners. As a number of prospective buyers have indicated an interest in purchasing the client property listings, therefore, the administrators will be exploring the transfer of these to other providers as a priority” the statement said.

It added that a further announcement on the subject would be made “in the coming days”

Estate Agent Today will report on this further when additional information is received.

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    Surely if this is a bid them the stock market needs to be informed

  • John Evans

    People who pay crap fees get crap agents


    Is that confucius or aristotle?

  • icon

    Why would any sane client go with another online DUD.

  • Steve James

    Publicity stunt by Michael Bruce. Why would he take these on, more headaches for the headaches he already has.... The pb client's. He will do whatever it takes to protect his brand and it's a serious risk by even considering these clients. In a few days he will probably say...it didn't work out as no deal could be reached to protect the ex clients of emoov....he may look good in the process though. In addition he has a lot of very clever pr people with their hands up his jacksie giving him advice.

  • Simon Shinerock

    The vessel with the pestle

  • icon

    Mr Blobby is also interested in taking over at Emoov, after a recent independent pole - the public have decided he can take better photos and has a higher chance of securing a sale. Mr Blobby is going to call it 'Blobbymoov'

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    • S S
    • 05 December 2018 13:58 PM

    He'll do what he can - which is make a public statement to make pb look as though it may help but in reality - who is going to take on a customer who has already paid someone and wont want to pay again. PB dont work foro free, so they certainly wont. However, makes it look to the client as if PB do care and actually want to help. Again clever PR from a company that's all about PR and advertising.

  • jeremy clarke

    If the public haven't learnt their mistakes by instructing a call centre once and choose to go to another then, quite simply, they deserve each other!
    I don't think there will be many agents fighting over the one listing here in Christchurch!!

  • Tony Sinclair

    "We will do what we can to help all these customers and ensure they are not out of pocket".

    (He says rubbing his grubby little fingers together and grinning like a cartoon vulture eyeing it's prey)

    You really could not make this stuff up if you tried. What about the 48% of PB customers who he's left out of pocket?

    However, what goes around comes around so don't be surprised if you start hearing similar stories of woe from PB at some point next year. Things are not going very well abroad for them just now and some of their top people have already jumped ship. Another property Ponzi Scheme starting to unravel.

    Sorry to disagree Chris... but I doubt even Mr. Blobby is dumb enough to get involved in this debacle. Noel Edmonds might but not old Blobby.

  • Spencer Fortag

    Sometimes I think you guys can't see the woods for the tree. This is a genius move from MB and I wish I had thought of it. In fact, I may well nick it!


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