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Former Countrywide pair claim to generate £140,000 a month at EweMove

A branch of EweMove - which operates from a traditional High Street office - claims to have generated £140,000 income in one month: this is the first time any outlet of the franchise has exceeded the £140,000 barrier.

EweMove Basingstoke was set up by Robert Bassett and Mark Holmes who  claim to have purchased the franchise “to escape the constraints of traditional estate agency.”

“Despite Mark and I having had successful careers in national estate agency - firstly at Romans and then formally at Countrywide where we were responsible for overseeing a network of over 30 branches - we recognised that the industry was quickly moving towards a very different kind of approach, and we wanted to be part of it” says Bassett.


He claims the agency’s processes “are centred around making it easier for agents to focus on their customers and provide a service that stands out from the rest” and insists that, for example, his team picks up phone calls on Bank Holidays, answers emails on Sundays and organises appointments in the evenings.

EweMove Basingstoke has listed 144 properties in the last six months and claims to have achieved an average of 97.2 per cent of the asking price achieved with a typical sale time of just six weeks.

EweMove is part of The Property Franchise Group which last month claimed EweMove was the country’s fifth largest online agency group based on transactions.

It had 114 franchise territories as at the end of June this year.

  • Michael Riley

    Well done Robert and Mark. What a team!

    The subtext here is that it has nothing to do with which franchise and everything to do with either excellent agents, who simply earn lots more when they do it for themselves. Or earn the same and work a lot less hours.

    The franchise brand name is virtually irrevelvant here, talent and effort is what is driving the figures.

    Well done guys.

  • icon

    The figures don't add up 140k per month of a 12 month listing figure of 288 that would mean they would have to sell every single house they list and complete on it with a invoice of nearly £6000.

    The guys sound like they know what they are doing but the headline can't be right. This is why people shy away from franchises, incorrect reporting like this.

  • icon

    Think they mean £140k banked in one month as opposed to £1,680,000 mill a year !!If I were a cynic one could say the previous months were really bad and the flood gates opened this one month.The headline at worst misleads and at best is very woolly.

  • icon

    Good on them for making a go of it, great agents with knowledge, experience and backing. Good listing figures at 24 a month

  • icon

    Really? Wouldn't believe anything anyone connected to the Property Franchise Group tells you. From experience they (very sadly) have a way of massaging the facts to suit the circumstances.


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