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Agency hires Aussie TV property pundit for staff training

Spicerhaart has signed what it describes as one of the world’s top estate agency mentors to work with its teams across the UK.

Tom Panos, based in Sydney, works primarily with Australian and New Zealand estate agents and first met with Spicerhaart last year when he met 190 staff at an ‘elite conference’ in Bangkok. 

Panos is a Sky TV Australia property market pundit. 


A statement from Spicerhaart - the family-owned agency group which operates the Haart, Chewton Rose, Haybrook, Darlows and Felicity J Lord brands - says Panos built a good rapport with the company’s “elite performers” that he's been signed up to help the broader company staff.

Spicerhaart CEO Paul Smith says:  “The UK market is not dissimilar to the Australian one, although their portals are not as strong as ours and the majority of agents charge upfront marketing fees. About a third of the market is auctions as well."

The agency staff will also have access to 24 customised webinars and videos created by Panos, as well as advice, through a new Spicerhaart Mentoring Programme. 

Panos says he is “super excited” to work with the UK firm, whose agents “are going to learn clear ‘what’ and ‘how-tos’ on what is the world’s best practice in getting new business, fee negotiation to beat the discount and internet agents, and everything else they need to dominate their market place.”

  • Rob  Davies

    "world’s top estate agency mentors"

    Hmm. I'm all for proper training and qualifications in our industry, but I'm not sure selling and letting homes is something that you can train into people. It can't be drummed in. You either have it or you don't. The talent and spark can be honed, built upon and crafted, but I don't really think people can be mentored on how to do it properly.

    Could just be my natural cynicism coming into play, mind. I'm always very wary of motivational speakers, property pundits and "life" coaches. Load of old tosh if you ask me. If you need someone else to motivate and inspire you, you're in the wrong job.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    I wonder how much Mr Panos is being paid for all this. I'm guessing, as the world's top estate agency mentor, he doesn't come cheap.

    "Panos is a Sky TV Australia property market pundit."

    Ah, so he won't be prone to hyperbole, sensationalism and bending the truth, then. Good to know.

    Taking my bitter, sceptical hat off for a minute, he could offer some really good advice to young estate agents and help them on their way. That should be championed. But just seems like too much of a PR stunt in its current guise, with all the talk of elite performers, webinars and motivational speeches. All sounds very manufactured.

  • icon

    Good to see an agent seriously invest in their staff with something a little bit different.If nothing else its positive for the staff and they probably feel valued as a result.

    Invest in your people-no names mentioned but a few large organisations should take a lead here !


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