Agency risks losing instruction after speaking out on Boris Johnson 'joke'

Westcountry estate agency Wilkinson Grant is standing  by its opposition to a ‘joke’ about dead bodies made by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson - even though it may cost the firm an instruction.

Yesterday morning the Exeter-based agency retweeted a message from Labour MP Chukka Umunna.

Umunna’s message was referring to Boris Johnson who, the evening before, had made a public ‘joke’ suggesting that a Libyan city could be as successful as Dubai once they “clear the dead bodies away.” 

Umunna tweeted: “This man is not fit to represent our country. He should be dismissed from his post - no ifs, no buts.”  The corporate Wilkinson Grant Twitter account retweeted the Labour MP’s message adding: “Without question! Such an offensive remark. Not in the least bit funny. Anyone with an ounce of humanity should have got up and walked out.”

Shortly afterwards WG also retweeted a BBC News tweet about Johnson’s comment. On this occasion the Wilkinson Grant account added: “Shameful comment. The man should not be representing this country - at home or abroad!”

Some hours later a Twitter account in the name of Roger White - his profile says he is the director of a west country vineyard - tweeted at Wilkinson Grant: “Well I won’t be selling my house through your company in future after partisan political comments like this.”

Wilkinson Grant stood by its principles and retweeted the criticism, adding: “Sorry to hear that Roger. We support anyone who helps to make the world a better place but Boris’s ‘joke’ was anything but.”


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