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Shock horror - there are too many estate agents in Islington!

It's enough to make the typical Islington resident splutter over their breakfast muesli, or perhaps feel too nervous to drive their oh-so-eco-friendly Toyota Prius - but it appears the local authority feels there may be too many estate agents in the borough.

The Islington Tribune reports that a planning direction given by Islington Council's executive committee has removed the permitted development rights which until now allowed traditional shops - if empty - to be turned into small offices perfect for agents without the need for a formal planning application.

The reason, it seems, is the rise and rise of estate agency offices in the borough, which is home to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


"There is evidence of a significant rise in estate agents in Islington since early 2015" reads a report by officers to council members. 

It continues: "...meaning that Islington, the second smallest local authority area in London, now has 111 estate agents, the second highest number of all London boroughs."

As a result any owner or tenant wishing to convert their property from a shop to an office now has to seek full planning consent.

"It's about making sure there's a balance so that we have vibrant high streets and small shops are protected" explains a council spokesman.

  • icon

    If there are too many, then they must be charging everyone too much, or they would soon pack up and go wouldn't they?

  • Algarve  Investor

    There's a tempting joke here, but I wouldn't dare be so rude!

  • Rookie Landlord

    It's also full of Arsenal supporters. Some might say that's a double whammy of bad, but I'm saying nothing.

    I also think the description of Islington here as some sort of eco-friendly, liberal, luvvie paradise is wide of the mark. Parts of it, yes, but it has its poor and down-at-heel parts too. It's not all metropolitan dinner parties with quinoa and avocado on toast on the menu.


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