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Rightmove may be world's most profitable property portal, says analyst

A leading PropTech analyst has compared the finances of many of the world's leading property portals and says Rightmove is earning around 3.5 times what it spends - an example of outstanding profitability compared with almost every other portal worldwide.

Mike DelPrete - a contributor to Property Portal Watch who has recently praised Rightmove and Zoopla for the relative success of their diverging business models - says the world's leading portal for profitability appears to be Rightmove.

DelPrete, whose analysis on PPW uses dollars rather than pounds, says those portals behind Rightmove are New Zealand's Trade Me ($277 revenue for every $100 spent, compared to Rightmove's $350:$100). Then comes Australia's REA Group portals on $266 per $100.


Zoopla trails in fourth with $183 revenue per $100 spent. 

DelPrete bases his analysis on full-year results from each of the companies, and on that basis is especially critical of the US portal Zillow. It has the highest revenues of the major property portals around the world "but significantly lags in profitability" and last year lost money - it collected $81 for every $100 spent.

The analyst also praises Rightmove for its relatively low headcount - there are around 400 employees at Rightmove making around $600 dollars revenue each compared to 2,500 at Zillow making $260 revenue per head. 

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    The original article is here: http://www.mikedp.com/articles/2016/10/31/zillow-group-not-quite-a-global-leader

    Slight correction to the post above. Average revenues/employee at Rightmove are $600,000, compared to $260,000 per head at Zillow (for the last full financial year).

  • Rookie Landlord

    I should think so too - amount they charge!

    Jon  Tarrey

    Thought you were all about the free market, Rookie. Or is that only when it suits you?

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Not surprised. People only dislike them because they're so successful. Agents dislike them because they thought of the portal idea first. The efforts to replicate RM's success, as we've seen, have not worked out well.

    They are a British success story and they've managed that without too many own goals or the PR scandals that have afflicted Amazon, Tesco, Sports Direct, BHS et al.

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