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Low turnout for poll suggesting OnTheMarket may not survive

A poll being taken by Property Portal Watch - an international website monitoring the real estate online sector - suggests that OnTheMarket is unlikely to succeed in the long-term.

The poll, on the News section of the site, asks readers: “Will OntheMarket make it in the UK market long term?”. 

As of yesterday afternoon the voting was Yes 11 per cent; No 84 per cent; and Don’t Know at five per cent. However, fewer than 250 people had voted up to that time.


PPW editor Anna Game-Lopata says she will be changing the vote topic later this week; the final results of the OTM poll will be made public on the website.


PPW, which is based in Australia, says the poll software accepts only one vote from the same login, to avoid multiple votes from the same source.

An OTM spokesman has poured scorn on the poll, saying: "Compared with the very limited number of people who participated in this poll, there are currently more than 6,400 offices listing on the website. OnTheMarket has grown considerably this year in terms of agents listing on the portal and traffic visiting it - we achieved more than 8m visits in June.Which other recent market entrant has achieved so much in such a short space of time? We are here to stay." 

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    What a great news story, insightful and thought provoking.. A great piece of journalism!!! Not.
    250 people take part in a poll, who are these people? Are they in the industry? Are they working for OTM competitors? Do they have vested interests?
    Rightmove have 19,981 agents listing on their site let us say there is an average of 3 people working in each agency (low ball I know) that is 59,943 people. Meaning the 250 people who took part in the survey represents just over 0.4% of the industry.

    OTM must be shaking in their boots!!!

    Please use your normally excellent site to report on 'real' news stories.....


    Yes - such a small sample, it's not even worth reporting on. However, just for the record, RM has 19,981 customers - 17,336 of which are agents


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