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NTSEAT investigating kidnapping, violence and insider trading

The National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team based in Powys has revealed that its cases under investigation include apparent offences of kidnapping, violence and insider trading.

In its annual report included in today's 'Consumer Harm Report' - published by NTSEAT's parent National Trading Standards body - the Powys team reveal that the full list of cases currently under investigation include fraud, theft, and breaches of the Estate Agents Act such as failing to declare a personal interest in property, in addition to kidnapping, theft and insider trading.

No details of the specific cases under investigation are being revealed.

Over the course of 2015 - to which much of the report relates - NTSEAT received 171 complaints made about individuals and businesses in the industry.

Twelve prohibition orders and three warning orders have been issued, and six individuals or businesses have been banned from engaging in estate agency work.

Some of NTSEAT's highest-profile work in recent weeks has concerned portal juggling, which is the subject of a separate story here.

NTSEAT's annual report also says that its work now includes information and training across the residential industry including a series of seminars with the National Association of Estate Agents and the publication of a Guidance on Property Sales document.

  • Rookie Landlord

    Stuff like this really doesn't help the reputation of the property industry. Some people really are brainless.


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