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Campaign group in high-priced area wants more new homes built

A campaign group says it wants to state the case for more new homes in a county which until now has been associated with high house prices and opposition to new developments.

The Homes for Surrey campaign has been set up in recent days and has set out a mission statement saying it is championing people looking to buy or rent a home in Surrey, aiming to publicise the already-high cost of housing in the county, and to help local people speak out in favour of more housing.

Surrey, often depicted as a leafy location best known for opposition to new schemes, enjoys an average house price of £443,131; this contrasts with neighbouring Hampshire, where the average house price is £297,932.


The campaign’s website says people are currently “left behind” by high prices to rent and buy.

“Surrey is suffering from London-like increases in housing costs. Surrey needs a distinct voice to confront the issue of rising costs. Addressing the issue at a county-wide level enables us to focus on the problem more effectively than any one town or district could on their own” says the campaign.

It claims backing from businesses, employers, residents and organisations - and it admits that “developers and housebuilders are amongst our members and supporters” but insists it is politically non-partisan and is not lobbying for support for any specific developments.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    If the people of Surrey are starting to complain about high house prices and rents, you know something is seriously wrong with housing in this country. Will anything be done? Will it heck!

    Kevin HomesforSurrey

    It will if people sign up and support the campaign!

  • edward apostolides

    I couldn't agree more Kevin. This pandemic has proved nothing if not that we need more fight in us to stop bureaucratic morons riding rough shod over what the people want and need. If we are all going to just roll over and allow ourselves to be herded like sheep then Jon's right and nothing will change. We need to find some of that backbone our grandparents displayed rather than a " oh well there's nothing we can do about it" weak attitude.


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